Tuesday, December 23, 2008

“Visit Me Oh Creative Spirit" Shrine-a-rella

“Visit Me Oh Creative Spirit”
I designed this original "Shrine-a-rella" as a call to the creative spirits. The small box containing the “wish” is a vintage keepsake box with the message of “visit me oh creative spirit.” The open arms represent my willingness and openness to be guided by the gift of creative inspiration from somewhere outside of myself. The Milagros of hearts, keys and wings are symbols of my desire to be true to the creative spirit, wherever that may come from. The pink shell and small iconic ballerina are symbols of my girl self atop of the desires of the alter. There are used paintbrushes and hand painted enamel finishes.

Above Left: Shrine-a-rella's from my Show in June at Half Moon Creek Gallery. The image at the left shows “Visit Me Oh Creative Spirit” in progress. I like to start with wood bases of reclaimed pine and thrift store finds of small boxes or frames. Liquid Nails works well for construction, but my new Bostitch Finish Nailer with compressor ROCKS!

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