Wednesday, January 21, 2009

All work and no art-play makes me itch...

I’ve been very good at taking care of business this week and feeling that I needed a bit of comfort food…TAMALES would do it, but I’m babysitting a glaze load and can’t run off. Because I have been sooo responsible lately, I was also tossing n' turning, starting and stopping a bit, feeling a slightly nagging, lack-o, creative itch, of an-almost-writers-block-but-can’t-quite-scratch kind of feeling. Arrrgh. I choose to blame it on the weather (an easy target).

Soooo, when I have this sort of non-creative feeling I pull out one of my comfort books, “Living the Creative Life – ideas and inspiration from working artists” by Rice Freeman-Zachery. Mmmmmm, after a few pages I’ll be better tomorrow.

Guess What!! My timing (or my itch) is very serendipitous because look who is on TONIGHT'S WorldStreams GUEST: RICE FREEMAN-ZACHERY

Rice was invited by Google to give a talk on her book in their authors @google series. This is an excellent talk and gives you an idea of what the book is like.

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