Monday, January 19, 2009

It was 40 degrees above and raining in Girdwood (!in January!), leaving the parking area a huge skating rink, or Lake Megeve as some rightfully called it. After we spread traction sand, look what Nature left for us to see this morning! Isn’t this just the coolest design! Derek thought it looked like Crop Circles, I was thinking the design reminded me of the Cave Drawings of Lascaux.

The high winds knocked this incredible piece of lichen from a treetop. It was resting near the driveway crop circle, and reminded me of something I'd find on the beach or in a tide pool. I would LOVE to re-create this color green in a glaze…not sure that will be possible because Nature has done such a perfect job. Hmmmm...more "Spring green" on the mind (!in January!).

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Linda Starr said...

One winter I found a birds nest made from lichen which had fallen from a tree, I still have it. That is a beautiful spring green on your lichen.

The cave site is cool, I'm going back for another look, thx.