Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Strike of Inspiration

Most often when inspiration strikes, I’m searching for it because I need to get to work. There are also, the times I like best, when I least expect the strike of “I’ve got to create!” That is what happened when I was wandering through the Blog-o-sphere, transfixed by other artists talent and saw the banner on Judy Coates Perez Blog. Her banner is richly illustrated, beautiful and completely inspired me.

Sometimes, I think that inspiration is a combination of our subconscious, current state of mind/emotion and that artistic gift working in a symbiotic rhythm, looking for a spark to fan the flame of artmaking. Today, I choose to believe that because in combination with the beautiful banner from Painted Threads, I was recently ordering a new pottery stamp of my Nautilus shell icon, and my daughter lent me the current book I’m reading, “A Fish Caught in Time: The Search for the Coelacanth” by Samantha Weinberg (BTW I love Coelacanths).

Everything just fell into place and time stood still as I was shaping these new clay sculptures of a Humboldt Squid and a Nautilus Shell. The latest clay I’m trying out is a White Tile ^06 -1 from Seattle Pottery. I’m going to make both sets of tentacles from cold rolled steel, hand bend and weld together, and spot weld some “suckers.” I’ll probably make one wall sculpture and wire mount the finished clay bodies of the Squid and Shell, fitting the bodies around the steel tentacles. For the Nautilus Shell I want to try out some new Majolica glazes I have coming and the Squid will probably get this bright orange-red, velvety matt glaze...if all goes well!


judy coates perez said...

Oh my gosh, I love your project, I look forward to seeing it come together, it sounds soooo cool. Thanks so much for sending me a note, so I could find your blog too. I love working in clay and have not been able to in several years since moving, so I will really enjoy watching things come together.

cindy shake said...

hi Judy! thanks for the reply. I went to your other blog, (linked above) Painted Threads Projects and spent my morning with a mug of warm tea and learned about "The making of Primordial Sea" -how incredibly beautiful. Your illustrative talents shine with each piece you touch! If I didn't already have a full production schedule of projects with metal and now clay mediums, I swear you could turn me to trying fiber arts!! Thanks again for sharing.

Patricia Griffin said...

Looking forward to seeing these as they develop. Hope you post more pics!