Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Volcano Love

North Flank of Mount Redoubt and low-level vapor plume on January 31, 2009. Image Creator: Chris Waythomas, courtesy of AVO/USGA

News here in the North is all about a wait and see of Mt. Redoubt. As of lunchtime today: "Unrest at Redoubt Volcano continues. Seismic activity remains elevated and is well above background levels. Clear web camera images from this morning show no activity at the volcano. An AVO crew is near the volcano today, performing maintenance on seismic stations. Staff are currently monitoring the volcano 24 hours a day. -AVO"

Good thing I  just bought a case of air filter masks a couple of weeks ago, because they are out of stock around town, in the event of a volcano eruption, folks were stocking up. I wear a 
respirator when I work and keep the masks for other types of protection against particulate matter that can be in the air when I'm plasma cutting, painting, welding, doing clay work or even cleaning up the shop. With hot, volcano love on the brain I made some Valentine wall sculptures of winged hearts. Anything with wings is another one of my favorite subjects...xoxo


Linda Starr said...

Well if it does blow I hope it isn't a huge one. We used to live near Mt. Lassen and did do some worrying about it, but nary a rumble. What a beautiful heart with lots of movement.

cindy shake said...

thanks for the post.

so far, so good! We were here for the previous eruptions and it really wasn't too bad, dark and a bit dangerous to the airline industry and our car engines but we just stayed inside and looked out at how dramatic and ominous the skies were!

we'll keep our fingers crossed...

RedHotPottery said...

hot volcano love---now there you go!!!

glad to hear your kilns are working now too.expletr