Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Cross Country Snow

It seemed this week that white was the color seen across the country. With power outages, closures and freezing temps, some artists in the South were not pleased. Rather than post more beautiful Northern winter images, here is one reminding me that green will soon be seen here in Alaska. And as requested, this is the famous Tauzer Schnauzer last summer covered in grass seed after a romp along Glacier Creek.

Yesterday I delivered some donation pieces around town
for various fundraising auctions. It was a pleasure to get out and see where other people work and was a good reminder of how hard it is for non-profits to sustain their efforts. One of my favorite stops was at the Bird Treatment and Learning Center. I donated a Raven Wall Sculpture for their upcoming "For The Birds" event on March 21. I met the coolest Black Crow (not to be confused with a Raven) who is an education bird for the Center. He was so beautiful, all black and shiny, his intelligence and incredible beauty inspired me to create a future piece of art of him! 
This may be a secret surprise for the upcoming fundraiser, but a handler at Bird TLC was teaching the Crow to take dollars and drop them into a container!! The Crow was getting so good at it he didn't want to stop -who wouldn't, the reward was fresh meal worms. The folks at Bird TLC are calling him their "Cash Crow!"


Linda Starr said...

What a wonderful thing to donate to non-profits especially one taking care of birds. I love your raven sculpture with the glint of blue wings, wish I had some moola I would have you make me one. Oh, did you make the deck fence at your house?

cindy shake said...

Hi Linda thanks for the post. Yes, it's nice to be able to donate art when we can't always write a check for all the good causes. The Bird TLC is really cool -check out their web site, good pics too. I trade with artists, make me something from your cool barrel firing and I'll trade you a raven! Yes, my husband and I made the deck railing. What a project!! My husband does construction and the pressure treated wood part went well, but he ultimately ended up helping me bend the steel for over 10 branch panels! Then I made 5 ravens, one for each person in our family. There is one wearing little wire glasses for our daughter, there is a pair sharing a red berry (red glass beads) for my husband and I, a young raven admiring his very hip older brother who has ruffled up feathers, which represents our middle son!

Linda Starr said...

What a beautiful family of 5 ravens to grace your deck and the family worked on it too, that's so special.

Oh Cindy, I would love to trade, but I am not sure my work is up to your level. But I will think of making something special which I can fire in a barrel and do this as a challenge to myself.

Cynthia said...

This is a really cool sculpture - the Bird Treatment and Learning Center is lucky to receive it!

cindy shake said...

Hi Cynthia! thanks for the post and the compliment :o) I'm almost ready to try those laser decals!

Vicki P. said...

Hi Cindy, Your raven sculpture is fantastic. I'm sure it will help raise a lot of money. Lee and I once took a Trumpeter Swan cygnet to them. He hadn't been able to keep up with his family. So, Bird TLC is one of my favorite groups, too. Pearl and I want to know if you have a photo of Tauzer the famous Schnauzer for Pearl's blog? Love you!