Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Grand Day Out

We have seats (all together even!) out of Seattle for first thing in the morning -yaaay! While being grounded we've made the most of our time, rented a car, grabbed umbrellas and played touristas. First stop Gus wanted to make was the Space Needle. Then, hubby and Gus were VERY patient and took me to Seattle Pottery. They hung out in easy chairs in the library/book area while I shopped and learned a LOT. A very knowledgeable Eric of Seattle Pottery showed me some incredible new clay, taught me a ton of information on dry glazes and encouraged me to take pictures of their glaze sample boards so I would better remember which ones I want to try. As soon as I get back to the studio I'm upping my glaze temps and play with some ^6 glazes. 

We also visited the SAM, Seattle Art Museum today. WOW. Our timing was perfect because the SAM offers FREE admission for the first Thursday's of each month AND GUESS WHAT?! -free admission today!  Loved the Titus Kaphar: History in the Making exhibit. We won't soon forget the George de Forest Brush: The Indian Paintings exhibit. 
This exhibit was very emotional to view, due to the artist's realistic honesty and touching depiction of the American Indians he lived among and documented in his paintings.  We were also treated to the opportunity to see Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness: American Art from the Yale University Art Gallery. As the Yale Gallery is under renovation, this exhibition is on loan and traveled to Seattle. Gus recognized many of these originals from his history lessons in school! Once again, I resisted the urge to take out my digital camera and start snapping images of all the incredible art I wanted to try and take home with us to Alaska. After the SAM we walked down to near Pioneer Square where the middle son (who has been holding down the fortand caring for the animals and business at home) wanted us to stop by one of his favorite shops, Utilikilts and do a little shopping for the boy...


Orion Designs said...

Sounds like you made the most of your time in Seattle. Welcome home!

BTW, I was at Half Moon and saw a couple of your new pieces -- they're fabulous!

cindy shake said...

hi vicki! thanks for the post. YEAH! we are now home -though the trip was a fun break, there's no place like home :o) thank you for the compliment on the new work... now after a little break and seeing so much art I am really fired up to get to work -what a GREAT feeling!