Saturday, April 18, 2009

Spring Carny Also Signals the Big Meltdown

Anchorage is finally starting to unthaw and the snow is giving way to patches of mucky ground. Girdwood still has PLENTY of snow, which is a good thing because next weekend is the famous Alyeska Resort Spring Carnival. The annual Carnival, sadly, also signals the ski season is coming to an end. There are events scheduled all weekend including the Freestyle Competition, Annual Tug-O-War (Alaska style -across the glacier cold Slush Cup Pond!), the Slush Cup and one of our family's favorite events, The Dummy Race. Gus will be entering his "Potato Racer" in the kids category, with the best part of entering, a ride up the mountain in the Cat Track Groomer for launching.

Artmaking in the North this weekend included Dummy prepping of Gus' race entry, waxing and ski tuning, dummy fluffing, race cow bells and flower lei round up, etc. -you get the picture. Last years entry "Last Call Crow" which was the entry from the employees, was supposed to shoot off flares from it's HUGE black wings, but instead went down in flames just after take-off! We're looking for Potato Racer to have a 2-peat WIN in the kid category -keep your French Fries crossed for a big V ne
xt weekend. And if your in Alaskaland, make the drive to Girdwood for the Slush Cup, where there's always PLENTY of ice cold beverages, Hot Toddies and outdoor BBQ going on.


Linda Starr said...

Wow, there is a lot going on around there, have a great time at those events. All that snow reminds me of riding my sled down 'dead man's hill' when I lived in Maryland as a kid

cindy shake said...

Hi Linda! thanks -the sleds get put in the shed next weekend and out comes the deck furniture -yippee!