Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I Got Mail!

I love getting mail, especially when it is a package! Whenever I post anything Raven on my Blog I think of Linda. I am happy to say that I have a friend who I met through artful blogging. Linda seems like a traditional friend to me, the only difference is we met electronically and have never seen each other in person, yet we have managed to create a friendship bridge from California to Alaska. I feel like I know her because I have been following her activities, life, beautiful gardening and her art through her Blog, Blue Starr Gallery. I enjoy her writing style and photography but I especially loved her recent barrel fired ceramics! With mutual admiration we agreed to trade each other some of our art. WOW was I surprised at the beautiful package she sent me! She even included fresh cut lavender -which is going to be shared with my next door neighbor Mary, (who gifted me the Dream Box!) because she also LOVES lavender. Mary will also enjoy hearing Linda & my "Friendship Across the Miles" story. In my friendship box was a beautiful Black Faux Bois Log, 2 Barrel Fired and Wax Coated Vases, a Barrel Fired Friendship Across the Miles Figure Eight chain, and my favorite, an incredible Barrel Fired PEndant with a leaf/fern impression. The pendant is made from stoneware and coated with wax, it feels dreamy. All of these gifts were lovingly packaged in bright, lavender tissue paper. I have everything displayed on our dining room table for family and friends to see and feel. Thank you Linda, everything is beautiful!

My favorite kind of shipping and packaging for business is the kind where I pop open the car or truck, load and deliver! No bubble wrap, newsprint, shrink wrap, foam, pallets or crating. I loathe carefully wrapping items for shipping, probab
ly because I'm not patient enough to be very good at it. I'm finding that this is also one of the reasons I enjoy working in steel -steel bends back in place easier than ceramics...  These are pictures of some sculptures I delivered to Half Moon Creek Gallery, here in Anchorage yesterday. The tall black birds that are on a free standing base are called "Blackbirds in the Garden" and the "Garden Sunflowers" are getting "shipped" for the 10 minute drive to the Gallery. Now that's my kind of shipping. 


Linda Starr said...

Hi Cindy, I am so glad you received your package and I hope you enjoy the barrel fired ceramics and the thought behind them. I hope the lavender is still fragrant. It really is amazing to meet someone like you through the internet and develop a friendship; I'm looking forward to many years to come.

cindy shake said...

Hi Linda-thanks again. Yes, the lavender was WONDERFUL and I shared it with my friend and neighbor Mary. So your gift kept sharing & giving! All fun!