Friday, June 26, 2009

Easy Come, Easy Go

The check from the sales of my art in the Alaska Botanical Gardens Outdoor Art Show arrived in the mail yesterday. Good thing, because half of it needed to go to Pet Emergency last night. Within 24 hours, Tauzer (our Giant Schnauzer) spiraled downward to needing to overnight at Alaska Pet Emergency Treatment, hooked up to full IV meds and fluids. She had what the doctor described as acute hemorrhagic gastroenteritis (HGE) -the name alone hopefully spares me from blogging any further graphic details. We have no idea what brought on her illness, but she went from happily going on her morning "walkies" yesterday, to not being able to keep anything down (or in her) and with each passing hour became lethargic with more violent purges. It was horrible. She just stood motionless looking at us with pleading eyes. Thank goodness PetEmergency was open, as our regular Vet's office had just closed. I rushed her to the Treatment Center as she lay motionless in the back of the car, and they immediately did blood work and ran other tests. A big thank you to the dedicated staff at Pet Emergency and Dr. Diederich, who was on staff all night keeping watch over Tauzer and administering IV fluids to her in her special pet bed. 

We are very fortunate in Anchorage to have a modern veterinary medical staff and facility to treat our pets, many pets are like members of our families. After gladly pre-paying the bill last night, I was grateful that there was such an animal hospital close by in our city. Had Tauzer gone even one night without treatment, she had become so dehydrated that she would not have lived. The phone call early this morning from Dr. Diederich told us Tauzer had recovered well from her HGE and is on an antibiotic but can resume her regular routine as soon as she feels up for it. She didn't want her "walkies" but is barking, drinking bowls full of water and happily wagging her tail again.

Now that I am a new supporter of the Pet Emergency Treatment center, I am also a supporter of  the Roscoe Fund. 
The Fund was created to help assist owners or rescue animals in need of emergency treatment. It is the goal of the Center to reduce suffering in animals that might otherwise remain untreated or euthanized for purely economic reasons. After a conversation I had with the office manager, Laura, she told me that the fund is used for many things a animal may need, from a single pain injection to ease discomfort that some people may not be able to afford and elect not to have done, to an abandoned animals necessary treatment. The fund has helped hundreds of pets since it's beginning in 2000 and though we were fortunate to be able to pay our entire bill, many others cannot and the fund is used an average of 3 times a week at the Center. If you go to the web site, you can read the stories of many pets who have benefitted from the Roscoe Fund.

 Well before the doggie drama, I was able to go over to Gina's studio to deliver her Raku pieces from the Alaska Botanical Garden Show. I put "Chenik Fox" in the front seat, and buckled him in because he's already been paid for and didn't want any accidents! Customers will be picking up their purchases directly from Gina at her studio. Gina likes to meet her customers and the customers are in for a real treat when they see her and Ward's "art compound." She recently remodeled her studio adding new work tables, tiled floor, stainless steel sinks and ceilings. It's beautiful. After the Gala, Gina, Steve Gordon and I made a promise to have a Raku retreat at Gina's in July. Stay posted for upcoming images of that art soirĂ©e!


Orion Designs said...

Yikes! I'm glad Tauzer in on the mend!

Donna said...

I have been reading your blog for a couple of months now and enjoy it very much. Your art is really cool!

I felt the need to comment on this post because I can relate so much! I have a Miniature Schnauzer that goes through bouts of pancreatitis, and I wonder if the gastroenteritis is the same or similar to pancreatitis. I have been told by a vet that pancreatitis is common to the breed and very serious. I am not sure if that means all breeds of Schnauzer or just the Mini Schnauzers but it came to mind when I read your post because the symptoms sound the same.

My Schnauzer, Sally, had her first two bouts several years ago and they were mainly the "runs" (to put it as nicely as possible). She's had two more bouts since then--one the end of last year and one in March but mostly vomiting. If you are interested, I am providing you with a link to the blog on which I wrote about the events that occurred. The beginning of the post talks about the incident and how I even ended up using an over-the counter medicine. And if you don't want to have to read through the rest of the stuff that happened during that awful week, you can skip to the "Friday" section for a last paragraph about it.

I am happy to know that Tauzer is doing well now and I hope she stays that way! Isn't it just awful to watch them suffer through being sick? Absolutely heartbreaking!

Here's the link:

Linda Starr said...

Hi Cindy, I am so glad your dog is ok, that's really scary. do you think he might have gotten a little antifreeze or something?

That fox looks so cute sitting on the seat. Can't wait to see the results of your raku party.

cindy shake said...

Hi Vicki- thanks for the post, I know our two pups look similar and we're glad Tauzer is better, a little low today but hopefully on the mend.

Thank you for your post Donna and your kind words. I knew that if I blogged about poor Tauzer, there would be people who could have more info or learn more about such situations. thank you for the link, I'll read right away. I didn't want to post this in the main Blog, but what was so horrific was that poor Tauzer had shooting bloody water coming out of her. It was so scary, then at Pet Emergency while we were waiting it was leaking out onto the floor -she had no control. At that sight, I just lost it. We've had a lot of pets, and between our kids and animals we've seen a lot of things but nothing like this -especially illness that came on SO FAST.

Dolores said...

LOL. Before I finished reading your whole post, I thought the 'fox' was a recent rescued animal.
Glad your doggy is better.

ang said...

what a drama, glad everyone is ok...look forward to your raku we have one on the 4th July, yey..

Patricia Griffin said...

Yeah! Tauzer is OK!