Saturday, June 20, 2009

Solstice & Art in the Garden

Happy Solstice!
This weekend the City is a rockin'! Summer Solstice brings everybody out, especially when the sun is shining. Music, fairs and celebrations are everywhere and people are out making the most of summertime in Alaska. This morning in the Garden, we were serenaded to a nesting pair of Ravens! There was quite a commotion in the tree tops as an immature bald eagle circled the Raven's nest! All were safe but the Ravens continued to let everyone know they were there. These selected pieces of sculpture from the Alaska Botanical Garden Outdoor Art show are for my loyal Blog readers who are clay people! We had a great opening day at the Garden Fair, the rain stayed away and the solstice helped to display the art beautifully. Many of the pieces sold Thursday night at the Gala and today we sold Gina's Fox and my large Sandhill Crane! woo-hoo! Tomorrow is the last day but it will be a busy one, with loading out the sold pieces as the customers return to pick up their art purchases and tallying all the votes in the People's Choice Award...
"Miss Coquette" Raku Hare by Gina Hollomon. The Hare is approx. 28" tall. 
Gina's studio and Gray Shake's Gallery is in Anchorage, Alaska.

These pieces below are by Paul Dungan. 
"Bhurka" is 30" x 16" x 6" hand built stoneware, finished with Shino and reduced copper red glaze. "Pillar Stone" is 29" x 11" x 6" hand built stoneware clay, dry wood ash glaze. Paul says "both of these pieces continue my work and fascination with the simplified and abstracted form of the human body." Paul's studio/gallery is in Homer, Alaska.


Linda Starr said...

Congratulations on the sale of your crane; what a beautiful photo of the sun.


Cindy, gorgeous photos of the clay work at the art show. Thanks for sharing, and congratulations on selling your crane! Your work is phenomenal & I love checking in to see what is going on in your (very creative) world.

Judy Shreve said...

Happy solstice to you -- Alaska seems the perfect spot to celebrate a solstice. Congrats on the crane flying to a new home -- loved the picture of the crane in the truck.

cookingwithgas said...

WOW- can I just say WOW- the sun the pots the crane- the rabbit - WOW!
Do you pinch yourelf some days to see if your are really living this wonderful life?

Patricia Griffin said...

yea! Crane sent flying to a new home! Bravo on the sale!