Friday, July 10, 2009

Art & Nature On the Olympic Peninsula (two of my favorite things!)

Public Art in Downtown Port Angeles.
"Art on the Town" is a year long outdoor art gallery featuring over 39 works of art. These were three of my favorite works. I LOVED the Sea horse! Those are reclaimed horse shoes running up the side of his body and he is about 10 feet tall.

I thought this local tree looked like the PERFECT Dr. Seuss Tree! 

We were exploring the Railroad Bridge Park at the Dungeness River Audubon Center. This is an abandon Hummingbird's nest that was on display. Look how tiny the egg is! I collect abandon birds nests and was able to see a wonderful display at the Center showing almost all types of nests of the local birds. It was so cool. 


Linda Starr said...

Oh I miss Port Townsend; I wish I was there right now in the cool air, they must have put in all that art since we visited. I have a birds nest similar to the one you are showing which I found in Shingletown on the ground. I now have it in the crook of a manzanita branch on the screen porch with some fake eggs in it. How sweet the nests are.

cindy shake said...

Hi Linda! Yes, a girl could get hooked on PT - We are having such a fun time.