Thursday, July 23, 2009

El Gaucho

"El Gaucho" Gus at the Olympic Lavender Farm during the Lavender Festival last weekend in Sequim, WA

Supplies are low and production and motivation needs to be high. I didn’t feel the need to have large amounts of steel, wire and round stock on hand right before we left on our trip so I let my supplies run to an all-time low. Not such a good idea when you return and need to hit the ground running!

I’ve spent the last couple of days, getting pieces delivered, confirming orders, finishing up a large commission piece and generally trying to get back into the swing of things. I think my body enjoyed the time off with my family and the warm sunshine a little too much… Today I spent the morning at the steel shop getting base plates punched for mounting bolts on a large outdoor commission piece. “Dancers” will be a memorial sculpture at a local spiritual center and part of 

a new outdoor garden area. I’m also working on some new wind salmon, but had to get more wire and swivels. I love making these driftwood salmon. Hopefully I’ll have enough on hand for the next 

G Street Artist Fair I’m participating in on August 15th. I'm keeping positive thoughts that there will be enough advertising on the Fair to let people know that the August 15th event will be the last one. I think I'll send out and post cards a couple of weeks before -yikes that's just around the corner(!)

Look at the flowers that bloomed in my garden while we were away! My boys (xox) did a good job of watering, especially during Alaska's record setting heat. The Dahlia’s are from tubers my Mom sent from WA to my best friend Pat this Spring and Pat planted a few of them in large pots for me! The pink and white Peonies are very old and were t

ransplanted from my Grandfather’s house several years ago. My Peonies and Dahlia’s are not even close in size to the ones my Mom can grow. When I was taking pictures of the flowers in my garden I couldn't help but look at the color palette in each of the photos. I would like to experiment and work with these colors either in painting, fabric, or even in glazes. Hmmm, sounds like I already have to start a "want to-do" art  list for this winter.


Linda Starr said...

Hi Cindy, Gus has that llama posed up there so nicely. Your flowers are beautiful. Bright colors seems to be cropping up everywhere. Good luck with all your new projects and the upcoming G Street Sale.

ang said...

don't ya just love holidays...i'm heading off in a few weeks and i'm sure work will be a stress before and after hols...lovely flowers too..

cindy shake said...

Hi Linda! The lady that owns the llama has 4 of them! After someone else dyes the wool she sells their wool for artists. That llama LOVED Gus :o)

Hi Ang! Hope you have fun on your Holiday :o) Isn't it always good to go, good to enjoy but good to be back home too? I suppose that's a sign that we're blooming where we're planted!