Sunday, July 5, 2009

So Much Fun to Have, So Little Summer

Derek and I doing one of the things we love. Gus reluctantly took the picture for us because he didn't want to set his pole down!

The bead spinner is a 'flyin! My good intentions to work while I fished this weekend went out the window with 70+ degree temps, a beautiful Kenai River and clear blue skies. Our friends Chris and Pam were with us at the lodge and we all agreed that no matter how busy we all are -we should always make time for good friends, fishing & floating! They own Liquid Adventures in Seward, and if I thought I WAS BUSY, it's nothing compared to Chris and Pam's schedule. June, July & August are their peak months by offering the coolest trips for guided kayaking, fishing and adventures out of Seward. That's a picture of Derek on one of his river floats with Chris yesterday. The guys were fishing for monster Bo's and Derek loves his new float boat we got him for his birthday last year.

We just got back home (we left the lodge early this morning to avoid the crazy Holiday highway traffic) and I wanted to do a quick post because in just a few more hours, Gus and I are headed off to WA for more good times. But before I can think about clothes packing I needed to add some beaded details to the seascape sculptures that have been drying while we were fishing. I was doing the beadwork out on our deck but took a quick break to come in and do a quick Blog post. I'm glad I got most of the things last week for our other trip because today is already a busy one. Aren't these new Keen shoes and travel bag FAB! They just screamed vacation and I couldn't pass them up when I saw them at REI. Bought magazines for my in-flight enjoyment as well and Gus' backpack is loaded with his favorite books and and DS games too.

After I wrap, tag, price and  pack up the artwork to ship, my sweet hubby will send the large bike box off to the Gallery while Gus and I are in the sky. I also still need to wrap and box my parent's 50th Anniversary present! I can't say what it is or even show pictures of it :o) because they read my Blog -but it turned out very cool and I'll just check the box as baggage on Alaska Airlines. There's much more to show and tell, like Dad getting two of his assemblage pieces accepted in the Port Townsend JURIED show!! Congratulations Dad. So I promise I'll be posting from the Olympic Peninsula the next couple of weeks! 


ang said...

excellent looking floating vessel thingy..looks like fun!! enjoy..cheers ang

cindy shake said...

Hi Ang! those little boats are a HOOT! They float so high on the water that they are easy to maneuver and are fun on rivers and lakes. Derek was fly fishing from his. They come in all sizes -this is just a one-man size called "A Mosquito." Fun huh?!

Linda Starr said...

What a great fishing trip; I used to fish I need to get back to it one of these days. Have a great time in Washington, I'm looking forward to seeing the anniversary present; congratulations to your dad, can't wait to see his pieces.