Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bird Lips

It’s Alaska State Fair (food!) season! One of my favorite times, because Fall and Fair times mean its almost my birthday time too. I love to have my birthday, always have and always will. I delivered several metal art pieces up to Palmer to The Bad Girls of the North fair booth. The drive was lovely. Each year Vicki & Carol have been kind enough to invite me to sell my metal work in their Bad Girls booth. I like being a Bad Girl too. I get many, many people who say the either bought my work at the Fair or saw my work and would like to order more. It has been a good venue for me without the hassle because Vicki & Carol do the real work :o)

As we were going over the inventory a woman walked by with a lovely Peach Faced Love Bird on her shoulder. It’s name was “Squeaky” and squeaked when the woman poked its tummy (!?) Vicki and I didn’t think that was very nice and really didn’t like it when the woman INSISTED that we let the bird KISS US. I mean on the LIPS KISS! She would not let up. The only way we could get back to our inventory was to comply. I will spare you the more graphic of images I have of our “encounter” with the Peach Faced Love Bird… Vicki and I swear out lips were a bit “itchy” afterward. There are all types at the Fair... If you want to visit the Bad Girls booth, they are on the Red Path next to Rae's YUMMY Tamales, one of my favorite foods.

On Sunday night we had a HUGE rainstorm. Well, huge for Anchorage. It flooded our street and Will and I took Tauzer out to make sure the storm drain was clear of debris

(The street completely drained by morning). We laughed at Tauzer who looked like a drowned rat. But all the rain didn’t diminish her intelligence, Will couldn’t coax her into the water –even with a pocket full of treats!

The FUN news this morning is that I’m off to CLAY DAY with Gina and Steve! Photos to follow, I promise.


Orion Designs said...

Great picture Cindy! Yes, I know I took it - ha!

We hung your raven ornaments inside the building and put the other ravens on the wall. Today we will build a "perch" for the ravens with brackets.

I'll get some pics and post to my blog as soon as I find the time :\

My lips are better now :)

Christine--RHP said...

all kinds, I'm sure--
the birdie is kinda cute tho....

cindy shake said...

All's fun & cute till someone gets a LIP FUNGUS!! hahaha! Though, sounds like Vicki's is clearing up... :o)

Linda Starr said...

Love bird, ha what a hoot, oh that's an owl. Can't wait to hear about your clay day.

cindy shake said...

Hi Linda- thanks for reading. We really didn't want to kiss the cute little birdie but this lady was so insistent that we didn't quite know what to make of it! In the photo I think I was a little hesitant... all fun.