Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I Heart Homer

My hubby found this beach rock for me in Homer this weekend, it was quite "romantical." Our halibut fishing trip was great too, under blue bird skies we departed at 6:30 am on an all day charter with our friends Sean and Gerri from North Country Charters. We fished in three different holes, about 50 miles out in Kachemak Bay. It took 2 hours to reach the holes, but the scenery was spectacular. We saw Puffins, sea otters and even sea lions that had hauled out onto a rocky island. Everyone on the boat limited out, 2 halibut per person, which is down from last year's limit of 3 per person. We also hooked into some nice fatty, sea going Silver Salmon. That's a picture of my salmon biggie in the fish tub. Daddy-O hooked a nice 30 pound Halibut but most were averaging a small "chicken size" of about 15-20 pounds. The day before our fishing trip we also packed home crates full of new drift wood for my Wind Salmon sculptures. The guys helped me collect the perfect shaped driftwood pieces from Bishop's Beach, which is just about a 100 yards away from where we stayed, Two Sisters Bakery, Suites By the Beach. 

The big news was that "ocean girl" got so seasick I could hardly reel my fish in! Poor Derek had to do triple duty for our whole family! I have NEVER, EVER, EVER been seasick before and I LOVE 
being on the ocean and on boats. It caught me (and Derek!) by complete surprise as me and two kids (ages 7 & 11) from New York had to share the garbage can in the boat's cabin! It was totally demoralizing but made for a great story for the other tourists on the boat. Derek, Gus and I were the only AK residents and considered ourselves quite the "veterans" on board -HA. I did gain everybody's respect though, wanting to catch our limit, in between dry heaves and the shivers, I hooked all my fish and my sweet hubby helped me reel my Halibut in! The Salmon was easy, I sat down on
the deck with my head down between my legs and just reeled him in on the lighter weight pole! As we were under way heading back to the Homer boat harbor I was fine. Got my coloring 
back and was even able to think about a cold beer and pizza at Fat Olives! Now that's an Alaskan Woman, or so my sweet hubby says. 

As soon as we got back into Anchorage I headed down to pick up some more steel. I'm hard at it as the season's last G Street Artists Fair
is this Saturday. I'm making some more Wind Salmon now that I have some new driftwood pieces and I'll also weld up more ravens and a couple of 
customer requests to have on hand at the Fair. Though I'm feeling 100x better, I swear I will NEVER, EVER give anyone who is seasick a hard time EVER again (including my best friend Patti!).


Linda Starr said...

Cool rock. So sorry you were ill. I never get seasick either, but once on a whale watching trip near SF, we had 20 foot swells and I almost did, had to stay in fresh air the whole time. I think ginger is supposed to help. Your fish metal and edible look great and the trip sounded marvelous.

ang said...

wow, that's harsh sounds like quite a trip though...happy fair going..

cookingwithgas said...

you are a true fisherwoman! Mark got sick once and it took days for him to walk right.
Glad you worked through it and brought in some fish!
That rock rocks!

Orion Designs said...

Being seasick is one of the worst feelings ever. I know, and I used to live on a boat!!

The halibut look great. Congrats on limiting out.

We stayed at the Driftwood when we were in Homer and loved it. Breakfast was just a short walk away at Two Sisters.

cindy shake said...

Hi Linda, Fresh air really helped and our older son told me last night that he had also heard of ginger helping.

thanks Ang, it is always so much work to set up for a Fair/Show but once they are under way I usually have a really good time seeing everyone.

You are so right Meredith! today I feel like I have a REALLY BAD hang over! My eyes still feel a bit googly too -ha!

Hi Vicki- Our friends also stay at the Driftwood because you can bring your dogs! Isn't Two sisters just wonderful?! We had biscuits & gravy for breakfast, then a bag of treats for the road, including ham & cheese croissants, raspberry & cream cheese pastry and some sort of wonderful pastrami sandwich-mmmm

Christine--RHP said...

Oh my--being seasick totally sucks!! (one of the reasons I live in the desert---ha! I used to get seasick every time I went out on Lake Michigan growing up)
but the fish look great and so does your wind salmon!!