Sunday, November 8, 2009

Bad Girls Gone Good!

This was my best Bad Girls of the North Show yet. I'm happy to say there were others who had fantastic customers as well, including Vicki, one of the Show organizers! I also had the best booth neighbor, Linda Smith who makes weaved beaded jewelry under the name, Mistress of Chaos. She and I worked together to set up an open style, easy to get in and out of spaces. Customers could flow from our booths without any walls or barriers. She uses incredible vintage props like hat boxes and small vintage suitcases to create various heights to show off her jewelry. Linda had created several romantic vignettes with antique mirrors, fabric and lighting on two large tables that could accompany several customers at once. My large, corner booth enabled me to have an open format with the gridwall flat against the ballroom walls and customers didn't feel boxed in by a traditional booth shape. By the time we were set up there were so many customers surrounding (and purchasing!) Linda's booth I couldn't get a good photo of our space!  My booth was a nice, corner space that allowed for the gridwall to be spread out and I was able to set up a couple of tables that held portfolio binders of work. Many people stopped to look through the work and inquire about future commissions. I had a small bowl set out with dark chocolate Hershey Kisses because the bright purple foil catches their eye and gives grateful customers a little sugar boost while shopping! The photo of my booth isn't the best, it was taken in the middle of setting up, but the design worked -I started with 4 FULL, large bicycle boxes of inventory and left last night with only a 1/2 full one! I'm also confident that there will be a few customers who will be calling in the next few days for those remaining pieces. Some customers wanted to purchase work after the Show to surprise a partner or friend. 

Setting up Bad Girls of the North Show Friday, the ballroom was transformed in a couple of hours. There were several places to Shop in additional booths outside of the Ballroom as well as another banquet room that featured the work of Christi Jones of Fairweather Prints. I wish I would have had more time to get some better photos of the great booths and talented artists, but honestly as soon as those doors opened to the public Friday at 4pm , it was non-stop sales until closing Saturday night! woo-hoo! Another bonus was set up for Willie and I went smooth and did NOT involve below zero temps. It remained in the 30's and made for load-in and load out a breeze and not a FREEZE. 

Thanks to all my loyal customers, fellow artisans and friends, it was a VERY GOOD Show!
Of course we had the traditional post Show dinner at LaCabania and Daddy-O was my designated driver.


Judy Shreve said...

Sounds like a great show -- good booth-mates & good shoppers - a perfect combination. And that drink looks like the perfect way to end the weekend! Congrats!

ang said...

oh well done sounds like you had a great time,.. feet up today then??

cindy shake said...

Hi girls! thanks for the posts. I wish Ang! I'm having some hot tea and now I'm doing all the accounting (fun part) and putting all the cr@p (extra boxes, tissue, packing material, lights, back drop fabrics, grid walls, hooks, hangers, banners, tags, tables, portfolios, credit card stuff, clips, clamps and tools etc.!) away that goes with set up and tear down -geeze where did I have all this stuff stored??!!

Orion Designs said...

I'm glad the show was great for you too Cindy! My photos didn't even come out good enough to share :(
I might be able to use one photo on my blog, but that's it! And I was too busy as well, to take time to get better ones.

Here's to another great BG show!

cookingwithgas said...

You look great behind that glass!
Don't you love it when it all comes together!?
The fact you had a great show makes me hopeful for all of us.
Is the tide turning?
Let's hope so.
Put your feet up and take a breath!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic Cindy! I just sent you post out to the girls in our South Berwick Women's art fair. The working with your neighbors booth was an excellent idea! Congratulations! I'm coming next year;)

Linda Starr said...

So wonderful you had a great show, you look relaxed with your glass of ??? Take er easy for a bit.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

oooh Cindy, naughty naughty!
Btw, had to move my blog, ran out of memory

cindy shake said...

Thanks for the wonderful Blog mention Marjorie!!

Hi Linda- yes, today I'm totally goofing of and even doing a little pre-holiday shopping with my pocket full of cash (it's only dollar bills but it feels great!).

I've already posted on your new site Gary -I was bummed, I wanted to be your "first" but I was 25th -Holy Cow dude you have a following!! I think it's all those cute pix of Penny!!

Heart of a Cowgirl said...

Hi Cindy: Had to come check out your blog at Marj's suggestion. Congrats on the successful show -- it is always so refreshing to hear about artists doing well! Your work is quite amazing.
Take care,

cindy shake said...

Hi Bridget -isn't Marjorie the bestest?! I love your BUNNIES and PIG and the other critters -your work is GREAT too :o) We have a big black bunny -his name is Bunny Foo-Foo and he's over 10 years old. He's indoors and has the run of my clean area studio (not where I weld!). This time of year he sheds, wanting to warm up every inch of the floor with his fur -arrrgh! I have to vacuum every day!

Patricia Griffin said...

Bravo to the Bad Girls! Glad to hear it was a great show for you Cindy!