Sunday, November 22, 2009

Blessing of the Skis & Boards

Today, after church services at the Girdwood Chapel, Rev. Jim Doepken hosted the Blessing of the Skis & Boards for young and old. It was a lot of fun as well as inspiring as we talked about the beauty and importance of the mountains that surround us. Daddy-O had to be on the mountain early with the new & returning ski instructors so Gus and I gathered around the fire outside the Chapel and his new rides were blessed! I even brought my X-Country skis to be blessed –you never 

know, Moose Meadows can get wild!

Blessing of the Skis & Boards Greeting from Rev. Jim Doepken (read responsively)

Many: Upon our skis and boards, O Lord, You bless us.

One: When we ponder the splendor of the mountains and the glaciers sparkling with snow…

Many: Upon our skis and boards, O Lord, You bless us.

One: When, through the cold blueness of the day, we track the snow-covered slopes, or cross the snow-covered fields…

Many: Upon our skis and boards, O Lord, You bless us.

One: Lord, protect your friends on the mountain and guide them across the fields of snow and through the trails, until the summit of our love resounds in praise and adoration.

Scripture: Psalm 99 and Psalm 121, Messge: Approaching the Mountain

A Prayer for Our Skiers and Borders

As the sun illuminates a crystal clear panorama of snow covered peaks, my spirit emerges higher still. Be at my side as I carve and wind down every graceful hill you have created. As the endless trail of life welcomes me further along be my guide and partner. IF I should stumble, catch me and raise me up./ Set me on a right path with the courage to try again, the wisdom to be mindful of pitfalls I should not repeat, and a warmth in my heart for the beauty you have created in this mountain, snow, and in me. Amen

The Blessing of the Ski Patrol and those who work on the Mountain. Blessing of the Skiers and Riders. Blessing of the Skis and Boards.

Humorous Closing Prayer (Said in unison

Our Powder, that falls from Heaven,

Hallowed be thy name.

Let’s all have some fun,

As we take some more runs,

On Earth, as it must be in Heaven.

Give us this day and our secret stash,

And forgive us our rope duckings.

As we forgive those who cut lift lines in front of us.

And Lead us not into any obstacles.

And may we never Need the ski patrol.


4 comments: said...

This is so cool, only in Alaska, right?! We used to snowboard all the time, we would leave Wes in the ski lodge daycare and stay out all day. She never really got into it though, so we stopped going.

ang said...

hehe... we could do with one of those for road rage..!!


As most of Utah's revenue comes from ski tourists, and as a cross-country skiier, I got such a kick out of this post! Love it!

Heart of a Cowgirl said...

Hi Cindy. Love the skier's prayer at the end of this post! Cute. I used to ski quite a bit (we actually DO have snow "up north" in the mountains here in AZ). But that was all "pre-horses"....