Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Gifts from the heART

When Gus asked his Dad what he wanted for Christmas, Derek answered, “I’d like you to make me something, like writing me a story or drawing one of your special cartoon strips.” Gus asked if he couldn’t just go to the store and get Daddy-O some new underwear or gloves because Gus thought Dad could really use some new ones...(don't worry I've got that covered).

Warning Holiday spoiler ahead: Daddy-O don’t read this post any further until after Christmas Eve…

After we talked about how much more special hand-made gifts were, Gus was fortunately inspired by two movies we saw. We recently watched “Nim’s Island” (multiple times) that I had picked up at the Thrift store. The story was based on the book written by Wendy Orr. Both Gus and I fell in love with the paper cut-out art featured in the introduction and trailers. We researched the artist and found out that this very creative paper art was created by the design group Imaginary Forces. We also were inspired by the small hand-cut paper puppets

seen in the movie “Paper Heart.” After seeing the cool paper cut-outs used in a mini-play in Paper Hearts, Gus and I decided to put on a paper puppet play for Daddy-O on Christmas Eve. Of course, Gus’ play is about all things Frankenstein. Mine is going to be about a hip and talented

art chick who meets a very hot ski guy who is also a really smart teacher and they both are always kissing…or something like that. I haven’t cut out my characters yet because I was busy making the Theater. I made it to look similar to the Mann’s Chinese Theater in LA. I Googled images of the iconic theater and thought it looked so cool! I had no idea that it has the most incredible metal work on the peaks and roof. When Gus and I put on our Show, I think our paper theater will look dramatic with all of the lights out except the mini-spot light and the Christmas tree lights shining on the

puppet stage. While Dad was up on the mountain yesterday, Gus and I had a practice rehearsal with his Frankenstein and the angry mob characters and it looked great so far! I think we are going to make some more backdrop drawings and I’m going to cut out my hot couple xOx. They’ll probably look a little like D and I… This may even turn into a Holiday tradition -sounds fun huh?!


Christine B. said...

A great idea! My kids are beginning to get bored with no school...putting on a show complete with characters they made will be something they can get excited about. Thanks for sharing.

Christine in Anchorage

cindy shake said...

Yaaay Christine!! What is it with our kids -they can't WAIT till school is out and on what, day THREE -"Moooom, I'm soooo board, entertain me, feed me, play with me...!!" OK kids time for the art supplies to come out! :o)) The play has been a GREAT time filler for both of us. It was either that or I was going to have Gus do some math problems -just kidding.

Peter said...

That looks so much fun! I think it will be quite the nicest Christmas present and really memorable.

Happy Christmas!

cookingwithgas said...

Hi Cindy! You are realy the cool mom and wife, and you can still call me your sister Chris, what a fab present.
Love it and hope Daddy-o is swept off his feet. Of course after all the love fest of the puppets I think you both will be.
And Thanks for the birthday post- I am still laughing about raosting kids and christmas trees.
So you can clain that no kids were roasting in your Christmas productions- then again you never know about Frankenstein.

Linda Starr said...

What a wonderful xmas present and making it together as a family even more fun and memorable. Happy holidays to you and your family.

Patricia Griffin said...

If reincarnation is really real, I'd like to come back as your kid.