Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I Heart Apple Care

When the Mac store service tech told me my laptop was still covered under Apple Care, I almost jumped over the counter and planted a big fat kiss on his cute face! My MacBook Pro had a weird system bug that was causing CD’s to whir at a super sonic speed and spit out, the System Preference window would flicker on and off and my battery was acting funky (all hi-tech terminology). The good news is I had purchased the extended Apple Care Plan (hard to believe I had the foresight or cash) when I bought the laptop a couple years ago. The bad news is I need a whole new OS install BUT I would need to downgrade or upgrade. There is no way I could downgrade so I had to spring for the new $169 (“The worlds’ most advanced OS…”) Snow Leopard OS –but of course. AND since there have been a couple of new system versions since My computer was purchased I had to make the “The worlds’ most advanced OS” Snow Leopard leap. The laptop will be in the shop getting “diagnostics” done for two or three days then there is probably the two to three days for the OS install.

Now you may be asking –
but how am I posting? No, I don't have an i-phone or could I even "phone-text" a whole sentence. I have a trusty Mac G4 workhorse tower that has served me well since my graphic design days. We used to purchase a new system every year and I think at the time we bought the G4 we thought it’s hard drive was HUGE, a whole Gigabyte!! I just picked up flash drives at FartMart (the store that shall not be named is really W@lmart –and I shouldn't be shopping there). FartMart had 4 and 8 Gig Flash drives for under $10 bucks –I couldn’t resist! How fast e-times change. I’m good to use the G4 for a few days, or so I thought… this morning Daddy-O asked me about an appointment he had, I said “just a sec, let me look at my calendar…” Cr@p. My whole calendar and contacts, production schedule, notes, blah, blah, blah are all on my laptop!


cookingwithgas said...

Love them or hate them we are tied to our computers!
Mark's crash last month and the guy who repaired it WIPED the hard drive.
OMG- we lost tons of stuff off his hard drive.
Mine had some stuff but there will be things lost forever.
Such is life!

ang said...

oh wow the old G4, its just amazing how quickly things have changed speed wise and super coz now we get to make really cool movies and massive art files!!! so glad its all working out, have fun getting used to the new system when it arrives back home..heheh prob wouldn't have been the first time the counter had been jumped by an appreciative customer....too funny :)

cindy shake said...

WIPED OUT THE HD!? Oh MEREDITH -E-GADS!! I had this weird vibe the last couple o' weeks and had been backing up on those el-cheapo flash drives -they'll probably bite the dust!!

No doubt Ang- there is no way I could run i-movie efficiently on the G4! Yeah I'm sure others have kissed even his feet in gratefulness :o)

Linda Starr said...

I sympathize, I had a similar computer repair as Meredith years ago and they couldn't retrieve my calendars, email addresses or other items, geepers not sure what they did with them. They said they couldnt' figure out how to get them but knew they were there. I'm really behind the times and just learning about flash drives and such slowly but surely. Hope you get yours back soon.

Patricia Griffin said...

I'm a MAC-lover too with a MacBook Pro. Have my laptop hooked up to a monitor so I have two screens to play with when I'm at my desk... The crash thing is such a bother. Your post reminded me to make sure my back-up is backing up. It's supposed to back-up on it's own every day, but the cable is wonky and I need to wiggle it a bit to do it's thing. (How's that for tech lingo!)... A very easy fix, but I'm lazy about it.

Judy Shreve said...

Apple Care saved me just recently. I have an I-Mac & the hard drive went out. I have an external drive & I use Mac's Time Machine. After Apple Care replaced my hard drive I just downloaded my backups -- everything was back in seconds!
I've been told that you should shut down the Macs when not in use to allow the hard drive to cool off. I turn mine off every night before I go to bed. (But I'm still backing up on a regular basis too!!)