Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Grasshopper Has Landed

Year end/beginning for me is always a time for studio-housekeeping, accounting and general “being held accountable for the business of art” duties. Or as otherwise referred to as REALITY. Necessity says that there are going to be some major changes in the way I do the business of art this year. Half Moon Creek Gallery where I sell the majority of my work, and through their sales efforts make up the bulk of my income, will be closing at the end of January. The Gallery is leaving Anchorage for a larger building in their community of Palmer, Alaska. Good for Palmer, bad for Anchorage and me… The new Gallery probably won’t be open until April which would be OK, except for my house payment and other bills don’t want to take a 3 month hiatus! I will be able to work on a couple of commissions and by tightening the budget we’ll make it work. We will be taking a inventory in a couple of weeks and I’ll need to store any unsold pieces until they are through with the construction of the new building in Palmer.

The Grasshopper came home this week after being on loan to Octopus Ink Gallery through the end of the year. Sugar Puppy wouldn’t take care of her “business” in her usual spot because of the invasion of the Grasshopper on our shed! I’m finally down to my last bag of clay and am putting together an order from Clay Art Center for 500 pounds of clay to be shipped up from Tacoma –yaaaay! It will cost $141 for shipping up to 550 pounds so I ordered a few more bags than I wanted to be efficient with the shipping costs. Clay has been calling me once again and just in time. I've been invited to participate in a VERY COOL Show in North Carolina…more on that later. I will say that the creative clay pressure is ON!

Had lunch with my friend Katie Sevigny at her Studio Gallery yesterday. I brought in fresh, hot specials of the day from Burrito King (my favorite). Good thing we’re self-employed because this turned in to a 3 hour “lunch!” I looked at it as more of a business meeting or team building session if we were part of a large company being paid on someone else’s dime. We are organizing a big Soiree for our Art Coffee Group and Katie agreed to host the event in their new Upstairs Studio space. We also talked about the wholesale and retail climate and planning for some shows in 2010. It was good to have another artist’s ear and share our ideas, thoughts and business joys and woes with someone you can trust and who has had similar experiences.

On the lighter side from my Dad


cookingwithgas said...

I thought- now how did Cindy get that Made on Monday she JUST went back to work!
But I think the brother of that grasshopper was in my garden this summer!
I love a three hour lunch.
good cartoon.
I am so happy, tickled pink, you are in this show.
M said...

I was thinking the same thing M.
Sorry to hear about the gallery, when are artists going to get bail out money anyway! Love the card though :)

cindy shake said...

HA! Wish I could have cranked out a big sculpture this week!! I didn't even fire up the welder :o( I'm doing year end stuff AND eating Mexican food with friends ha! But I am inspired to make a couple things next week... :o)

Gary's third pottery blog said...

The dawg looks WORRIED eh wot?

ang said...

hehehehe love the card!! stinker about the gallery but that means when they open up their new shop, new customers and you'll be busier than ever..just hold tight for 3 months..and that means also theres an opening in town for a new gallery.. got any business friends able to step in there???

Peter said...

Love the stray bar cartoon, is that a Far Side one? Very funny too, the photo with the dog and the grasshopper.

Sad to read that the Half Moon Creek Gallery is moving. It will be tough for you for a few months.

I'll be really interested to see what you do with your 550 pounds of clay. An exciting moment when a shipment like that arrives at the studio!

Nice photo of Katie's studio, it looks such a warm, colourful place.

All the Best!

holly aka golly said...

Love the grasshopper! You are so lucky to have your artist friends nearby!

Anonymous said...

Whoa that's a serious grasshopper! Love the cartoon from Dad. NC uh? How about doing an East Coast tour. Check out the Haystack School in Maine they might need you to teach there. It's an unbelievable place.

cindy shake said...

Hi Ang- LOVED, LOVED your table vid!!! Yes, it will be interesting to see who/what steps in to fill Half Moon's void...

Yes Peter, Katie's studio is much like her and her work, vibrant and FULL of color -I don't know where she get's all of her energy. She's great especially in the middle of winter when I need a pick-me-up of friendship AND color!

Thanks for the post Holly -your watercolors are devine :o)

You are on my "must-do-trip" list Marjorie and Haystack along with Penland has been on my radar for YEARS! xo

judy coates perez said...

I love that grasshopper on the shed!