Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hunter-Gatherer's in Homer

Tauzer chewed up my last stick of driftwood so we decided to take a road trip to Homer early Tuesday morning, returning on Wednesday eve. I use about 12-15 pieces of driftwood in each “Wind Salmon” sculpture –which tend to sell out at each show. They’re fun to make and are a customer favorite but no driftwood would have meant no Salmon for this Saturday’s Spenard Farmers Market -and what's a Market without
“fresh fish?!” We shared the beach with curious tourists who had just disembarked from the huge Holland America cruise ship –which had just also docked in Anchorage the day before. A blue-bird day, low tides and a beach full of treasures means you can never have a bad day in Homer! We camped out but the tent had to be tied down to the truck –no kidding the winds were that strong. After a full day of hunting and gathering our treasure sticks, we stuffed ourselves with Fat Olive's Pizza and yummy Kodiak Brown Ale around the campfire. Gus and I were up at
midnight to see the most amazing moon set against a lavender sky looming over Kachemak Bay. The best surprise was being out of range for my mobile phone and hearing the voice mail left by Heather Thamm. The Anchorage Press was running her article and photos of my metal work as a feature story in today’s paper!! Now that skiing is over, she has something else to update her Blog with -ha! Check out her article and photos in the Press on-line here.


Linda Starr said...

wow, the graphic is spectacular, congrats on the article. Look at all that driftwood and moon on lavender sky, sounds so wonderful.

cindy shake said...

thanks Linda!! With all of our sunny weather (finally!) I've been thinking about your new swimming pool lately... ;o)

Patricia Griffin said...

Great feature! Congrats.
Hey, I remember your "Wind Salmon" sculptures and I've been itching to try another version of your great idea with clay and drfitwood. I collected the driftwood last July and there it sits. Still.

cookingwithgas said...

How beautiful that place is!
Sounds like such fun to camp and see the moon set- now to go check you out.

cookingwithgas said...

Wow! Great article and thanks for plugging the show!
There are 50 of us total- can you believe it- we could do 100 if I had more time.
I loved learning more about you.
6 feet! I am 5" 2" I would not know what to do with that extra height.
I hope we will see you in October!

Tracey Broome said...

Girrlll, you have a lovely life :)

ang said...

cool image i'm off to read it now...did you catch anything??

cindy shake said...

thank you everyone ;o)

oooo I want to see them hanging in that new Gallery space Patricia!! get busy girl hehehe!

I'm excited for the Clay Show Meredith! Hope to make it down, I'm stashing some Market money honey!

I do, don't I Tracey?! -truly blessed, even when I'm feeling sorry for myself!

No fishing this trip Ang -just stick gathering. Soon though, my fishing pole has been calling me "here fish Diva, here fish Diva...!"

TechnoBabe said...

Ina sent me over here. Like what I see so far of your artwork. You live in such an interesting place. I am in awe of your metal sculptures.