Monday, May 3, 2010

Never All Work And No Play Here

My sister and I at the Salvation Army's "Transformed Treasures" fundraiser that would provide critical support to their life-changing programs here in Anchorage.

Yes, I was supposed to stick to my production schedule this weekend, but didn’t. I didn’t work at all -except for inputting the last of the first quarter’s accounting junk. All work and no play just isn’t how we roll anymore, I get too fussy. Saturday my sister and I attended the sold out Transformed Treasures luncheon at the Sheraton Hotel Ballroom while Daddy-O and Gus completed ALL of the yard work honey-do’s (xoxo). In March, I finished up my two donation pieces for the Salvation Army’s 3rd annual fundraiser and thankfully

on Saturday both sold for over their value! The Birdhouse Topiary went in the Live Auction and sold for $550 and the St.

Francis Garden Sculpture sold for $160 in the Silent Auction. My friend Deanna Teders, the volunteer organizer of the event said the Salvation Army had over 50 new Transformed Treasures for this year’s event bringing the total number of items “transformed” by creative people topping 150! The event is so inspiring, you could hear bidders wandering the tables, scribbling their bids and saying “I’m going to make something next year!” Favorite items included, a stained glass window “transformed” from hurricane glass lamps, ties flatten and sewn into place mats and wool sweaters became very cool pillows with sheep on them. Many pieces of furniture were given new life with a little paint

and artful details added.

The best part of Saturday was that our oldest offspring, Kristen was able to stop in for dinner! She and a group of her UAF cohorts, School of Fisheries & Ocean Sciences (SFOS) scientists were on their way down to Seward from Fairbanks to board a research vessel. They were able to take a pit stop at our house. We happily had a couple of roasted chickens that we turned into a chicken taco feast! Knowing we always have hot showers, a spare room and PLENTY of food the group affectionately calls us their "Anchorage Shore Support!"

Sunday was also supposed to be a welding day but I chose to hang out with the Family. We first rode our bikes to City Market to grab a newspaper and hot cocoas. Daddy-O’s bike needs new tires so he rode the Long Board –which I was supposed to ride but

only made it as far as the driveway before I realized that I’d probably become an episode on Jack-Azz. Gus and I went to Bear Tooth Theatre Pub in the afternoon and caught the movie “Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief.” He’d read the books and wanted to see the movie. Daddy-O took the opportunity to jet down to Girdwood to make a few runs while the snow is still good. He even had the BBQ going with deep-fried Halibut by the time Gus and I got home. Now that’s the way to spend a weekend!


Patricia Griffin said...

Congrats on your auction pieces! Sounds like a wonderful weekend and time very well spent.

cookingwithgas said...

way to go on the auction pieces!
Sounds like a great weekend! I love adding some family in the mix.
All work and no play..........
Now- who looks like Dad and who has some mom in her?
I was studding you and your sis- since I have two- one who I look like and one who the gypsies left on the doorstep!

cindy shake said...

I look so much like my Mom! I have people stop me in the store or on the street and ask if I'm Ginny's daughter!! We have always teased poor Chris about her blonde hair, blue eyes and fair skin -growing up I teased her till she cried that she was from another family -though as her and I age we are starting to look more alike :o) and people do say our mannerisms are EXACTLY alike -two tough chicky's!!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

OMIGOSH you are so glamorous and wonderful!

ang said...

sounds like a brilliant time!! congrats on the auction pieces too..

cindy shake said...

Thanks Gary -But I have to tell you I'm a bit sensitive to be called glamourous... years ago after having my hair cut at a walk-in, shopping mall chain salon, the stylist spun my chair around and proudly announced in her heavy accent "WOW YOU LIKE A VERY GLAMOUROUS HOUSEWIFE!!" Where on earth that came from I have no idea -well maybe I do look a bit mommy-like ;o)