Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Where I'm At

My 30th class reunion is coming up. How has it been 30 years? I promptly called my Mom and told her that her kid just sent in her RSVP to attend her 30-year class reunion! If anyone understands how time can fly so fast it’s my folks –they still inadvertently think my sister and I can be no more than 20 years old and how can they possibly have a daughter that is closer to 50 than 30?! Even Derek and I don’t keep track of our birthdays and anniversary very well –my Mom calls to remind us of our wedding anniversary. Maybe it’s just our way of living timelessly –or maybe we’re just in denial? –ha! 30 years? Skimming over the Dimond High School class reunion website I read who would be attending so far, who was missing and who had died. Not to get existential, but this darn class reunion thing has had me being all existential this week. I’m totally content with my love life, my husband, kids, family life, dog, garden and even my business life -but my

“artist being” is always up for scrutiny...

Being rejected from a prestigious juried museum show (I hate to admit it, but for ten years running now), denied a National call for entry and then to be turned down for an important grant that I applied for left me questioning my “artist being.” Selling my garden art at the Spenard Farmers Market, which has provided more than summer spending money, it has provided me a bit of positive affirmation for my “artist being.” Only, sometimes when I tell friends what I’m doing I feel like I almost have to apologize for selling my art at a “market.” That somehow selling at a market has made me less of a “real artist” doing the “art under a tent” set-up. The truth is I’m really having fun at the Market and I enjoy it. My whole family helps at the Market, including helping other vendors set-up and tear down, helping with the

garbage and recycle cans, picnic tables and information tents and we like all of it. I attend weekly vendor committee planning meetings and help with marketing and vendor support. Derek says it’s because of the organic-ness of it -no pun intended. We like what the Market does for our community. We like driving 3 blocks to set up and being out in the fresh air with a cool vibe flowing from 10-3. We enjoy the new friends we’ve made and we especially like the whole foods we buy each Saturday and eat all week long.

Another venue and event that has become important to my “artist being” is the Alaska Botanical Garden Fair and Outdoor Art Show. About 10 years ago, the ABG Garden Fair is where I got my start in selling my metal Garden Art and ever since has been close to my art making heart. For the last few years I have volunteered as the Art Show Coordinator and enjoy rounding up the artists to participate and I also like spending the Fair weekend in the garden surrounded by all of their art. This year I’ll have three pieces in the Show, “Lambelia,” “Crescent Moon” 76" tall x 57" wide x 34" deep, and “Solstice Love" 85" tall x 73" wide x 45" deep.

After making the topiary sheep, I wanted to make another topiary sculpture with some of the left over wire and sphagnum moss. I was thinking about the longest day of the year approaching and the shear happiness of the midnight sun when “Solstice Love” hit me. Hopefully, the plantings will have enough time to grow more in length before the opening of the Show at the ABG Gala on June 24 –hurry, there is still time to get your tickets! If you are in Anchorage and aren’t able to attend the evening Gala you still can attend the annual Garden Fair at the Garden on June 26 & 27 OR stop by the Spenard Farmers Market this Saturday –because happily, that’s where I’m at.


ang said...

keep cranking them out cindy the market place is where the peeps are at matey!!being rejected totally stinks but at least it means your having a go...and yep the years are just flying by these days..enjoy!!

cookingwithgas said...

the count for me is even higher and I have kids in my 30'S yikes!
As my mother says to her best friend,
isn't it nice to have children the same age you are?
on the art- you are at a good place!
PS does this mean your trip to NC is off?

Judy Shreve said...

Cindy - I can so relate to your post -- I'm way ahead of you in years . . . they are zooming by.

I constantly wrestle with entering juried shows. I'll tell myself I will never enter another one - after a giant rejection -- but then continue to do so. I really enjoy doing the annual shows I'm in right now -- I'm not sure what the pull is for national recognition . . .

Your work is fabulous & I can't imagine you ever getting a rejection letter!! So there.

jimgottuso said...

good luck at the reunion... i went to my 25th in 2001 and it was totally weird. the thing i was unprepared for (although it seems obvious in retrospect) is that everyone acted toward me the same way they did when i was 17 years old. apparently, i was much wilder than i remember and a bit crazier than i remember too. it was off-putting but interesting nonetheless. i kept think that people would acknowledge that we had moved on since 1976 but i was mistaken.