Monday, August 2, 2010

Vegetables As An Art Medium?

They will be Saturday! The Spenard Farmers Market is celebrating National Farmers Market Week on Saturday, August 7. I’m a volunteer on the vendor and PR committees. Before I sent out a press release on our “Spenard Veggie Head” Vegetable Carving contest I needed a visual to send to the media… I pulled out my sgraffito tools and went to work on all Alaska Grown veggies. It’s harder than it looks but hopefully my creative veggie attempts will at least inspire some better entries! The Market will be featuring On Roulet, the Hotel Captain Cook Garden Manager who is a professional fruit and vegetable carver. Roulet, the Hotel Captain Cook Garden Manager earned the grand champion title at the 2010 Las Vegas Culinary Competition on the Food Network and has been selected to compete in October at the International Fruit and Vegetable Competition in Meaux, France. My little veg heads don’t have nothing on, On! Her work is FAB –I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures Saturday. If you’re in Anchorage, come by the Market and enter a “Spenard Veggie Head” entry by 1:00 pm and you just may win a gift certificate to Blaine’s Art Supply!

I finally got the new Plasma Cutter up and running –another steep (technical) learning curve. The new machine required additional electrical work in the shop and a new, larger air compressor –thanks Daddy-O, he always knows just what a girl needs. Here are some new images of the “Bone Fish” series I’ve plasma cut (with the new Thermal Dynamics cutter) and welded. I really like how they turned out. A little more rain will really get the natural rust patina going. Rain won’t be a problem here, with unseasonable cool and wet temps (we’re barely reaching 60 during the day), many Alaskans have wondered “what happened to our summer?!”

Before carving the veggies with my sgraffito tools, they were still warm from trying to wrap up my Clay & Blogs; Telling A Story pieces. I submitted my entry "Tree Spirit" image for the on-line portion of the Show but my cone 6 clear, matte glaze issues is giving me fits. The self-imposed pressure to create something beyond my clay talent scope is daunting. The invitation list is impressive and I probably need to chill a bit or I’m afraid I won’t have ANYTHING good enough to ship!


Patricia Griffin said...

Wow, at first I thought your veggies were actually made of clay. Wouldn't that be cool?! Well, they're cool enough posing as their own veggie characters. You are AMAZING!

ang said...

go the veg what a great idea! wow it has been a cool one for you 60 deg F that's like 15 deg C that's what we're getting now in the day and it's winter!!! oooh cool show stuff i'm looking forward to seeing the scraffito pieces.. hey if the glaze is still being painful did you try joel's recipe his glazes come up a treat...

cookingwithgas said...

I can't imagine that you would not send something wild and wonderful!
Summer is running away from us all.
Even with our bear of a hot summer here I will miss it as it leaves.
Plus I will miss all the good fresh food!
I love the piece you have on the online gallery- it is exciting to see the work coming in.

chris said...

I love, love, love the Tree Spirit. The peaceful face is beautiful and I love the combination of metal and clay. Once again, a beautiful piece! Oh, the veggies are great too. Will make a nice salad!

Linda Starr said...

wow, the wall spirit looks really great. I am madly working away myself among tile and boxes; trying to weave my way to the kiln.