Friday, September 3, 2010

Born on the Wild Side (wild side of the highway!)

Born: September 3, 1962 At: “Around 10:00 P.M. En Route”
Delivered By: “Her Father - in the front seat of his truck”
Hospital: “Hwy 101 San Luis Rey, Oceanside CA”
Weight: 9 lbs. 4 oz.
Yes, it’s true, my Dad delivered me in the front seat of his truck, 48 years ago on Labor Day. Being their first child (and large), my Mom was a very brave woman and my Dad probably a bit frantic. Or more accurately, Dad was relieved that after the BIG event on the side of the road, once back at Camp Pendleton, his USMC buddies cleaned up his new truck while Mom & I rested at the base hospital. Being born in my Dad’s truck has turned into a bit of an urban legend in our family. A few years ago, the story was last told in fantastic, bard-like style by my Dad in what was probably the best version yet at my 40th birthday party. We had a “Princesses & Banditos” themed party with authentic Mexican food, Margarita’s and everyone dressed in costumes –hence, princesses and banditos. We handed out glitter, crowns and fem for the women and girls in prom-like dresses and sombreros, mustaches and fake ammo belts for the guys in tough jeans and boots. Everyone laughed and danced to Fiesta and Salsa music all night long under a huge outdoor tent –which is really funny because when you “Google Earth” our house, the party was immortalized by the satellite capturing an image of this big yellow tent on our deck! I know I’ve said thanks to my Mom & Dad every year for being brave on the side of that dark road 48 years ago, but I know they read my Blog so I’ll say it again “thank you and I love you both!” Oh, and mark your calendars, only 2 more years to the big Five-Oh, PRINCESSES & BANDITOS PART DEUX!


Linda Starr said...

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday day to you. Hope you have a super day.

Linda Starr said...

You're just a spring chicken compared to me. Ha.

Christine--RHP said...

Happy Birthday Cindy!! Enjoy the whole weekend!

Judy Shreve said...

Happy birthday you wild thing!! Such a great story -- hope your day is filled with loving friends & family! - oh and cake too!

ang said...

heyyy cindy... happy birthday, have a good one and knowing you there will be some cellebrating to do!! :))

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Cindy! Eat LOT'S of CAKE!