Saturday, October 23, 2010

Not A Flake In Sight

This weekend we thought we'd see some some snow flakes just in time for the annual Girdwood Community Sport Swap. We did score skis, new boots and snow pants for Gus and new ski coats for both of us all under blue bird skies. Even without the snow we'll take the savings and GREAT Fall weather. The sale was packed and when we walked up early there was a line out the Alyeska Resort Daylodge door 20 minutes before the doors opened at noon. Daddy-O and I didn't even know we had a successful shopping strategy to sleuth the best deals but we did -he and
Gus went for the hardware and I shopped the racks for outer wear with both leading to VICTORY! We were probably primed after watching "Confessions of a Shopaholic" last night -ha! But the savings were worth it because all of the gear and outerwear we bought was for a fraction of retail -and I hate paying retail! Probably the best (worst?) purchase was Gus spotted a pogo-stick from 50 feet out and of course Derek had to demo it as soon as we were out of the building...

Good thing we saved big at the ski swap as I was wondering if yesterday was the 13th!? First, we had to have the plumbers at the house because a pressure relief tank and a valve went out on our boiler -arrggh$$! Then, poor Nimbus ha
d to stay at the vet's office and have $urgery on his front paw because he had developed a split toe nail (the top lifting off of the bottom). The nail had separated from the quick and was exposing the quick(!) and was really painful -though he was one tough dog. He had been licking his foot for a whole day before I noticed that he was doing more with his paw than normal grooming. He's groggy and isn't too happy to be wearing a bootie and missing our daily hikes but is on the mend and feeling better. Sooo, between the plumber and the vets office we were happy to get a good deal at the swap!

After the ski swap we went down and checked on our favorite family of Beavers who have built this huge dam and lodge right behind the Girdwood Elementary school. Because of Nimbus' surgery, we wanted to keep the dogs out of the dirt and the
school was much dryer and paved. You can cross a foot bridge that takes you on a path through the woods as part of a very cool interpretive trail. We've aways said that the Gwood school is located in one of the most beautiful settings a school could have. Below is a picture of the Beaver Dam and the other picture shows the lodge. The video speaks for itself...!

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