Wednesday, November 17, 2010

From Steel Flowers to Fiber

Switching mediums just a bit (a lot!) while my public art sculpture “Bicycle Bloom” has been in various phases of production I’ve been working on some art quilts and art quilt pattern design. I admit working in the warm studio with the sewing machine and computer has been a cush job –I can even wear my slippers while I work! The Art Quilt Patterns I’ve designed have all been with “test quilters” and I received the last of those edits and comments yesterday! Without the generosity and professionally skilled input I would have been putting my collection of patterns out to the public blindly and that would have created too much anxiety for me. Each of the test quilters were provided the pattern and all supplies to complete one of my designs which they could keep. I’ll also send them each a set of the first “Raven & Friends Collection” Art Quilt Patterns.

Thankfully, my friend and pro-teacher/quilter Ann C. provided such complete and detailed edits to my original set of instructions and materials list the testers had only minor edits. I so appreciated their attention to details and positive comments. THANK YOU all. Kelly C. and I met yesterday to finalize the “Polar Bear Swim!” details and Anne G. is shown with her completed “Raven & Friends!” Art Quilt. One thing is clear, I need to improve my sewing skills –the quilting and sewing skills by these ladies was beautiful! Hopefully all 5 of my first Art Quilt Patterns will be available for wholesale in a couple of weeks which include “Raven Says Hello!,” “Raven & Friends!,” “Berry Button Ravens,” “Polar Bear Swim!,” and “Sunflower Trio!”

The “Powerline” art quilt is a project I am experimenting with using transfers and free motion sewing using metallic threads. It’s been fun but my lack of experience made for a

BLUMPY top… I’m also working on another small art quilt for the Quilted Raven’s Quilter’s Challenge. “Capture the essence of the hardy “Winter Raven” in an original quilt, no larger that 10 inches wide by 12 inches tall (my size of art quilt!). Entry deadline is Saturday, November 27 –call 907-278-3521 for an entry form. You just may win a gift certificate to one of Anchorages coolest quilt stores that has the most beautiful selection of 100% cotton batiks! I’ve even convinced the oldest offspring up in Fairbanks to enter. Kristen will be home for Turkey day and needs a brain break and I know she’ll come up with something really creative. Last winter after seeing some wonderful felted animals I’ve been wanting to also try felting. AND LOOK WHAT came in the mail for me this week… a whole bag of Navajo Churo fleece from my Blog buddy Marjorie of Cowgirl Goods! It is soooo unique and my hands felt nourished as

I ran them through the wool from all of the lanolin in the fibers! Now if I can just keep Nimbus and Tauzer from wanting to “mark it” as their own…


Judy Shreve said...

I am impressed! What a great project & how smart of you to use the help of 'seasoned' quilters.
The packets look great.

Linda Starr said...

Wow, you are multi-talented, metal, fabric, design, mixed media, all those bright colors look great. I have had a craving for bright colors lately. Seeing this piece is making me want to get back into quilting. I like the piecing part I just don't like hand sewing, perhaps a wall hanging would satisfy this urge. I found a box of fabric while I was setting up for the yard sale.

Patricia Griffin said...

Love the design on the "Powerline" art quilt. Really exciting composition and colors. The whole idea of the powerline is interesting, too. It's such an icon in the landscape... It's fun to see what you're up to next!

cookingwithgas said...

You are so talented- and make me feel so lazy!
Do you ever sit still?