Wednesday, December 8, 2010

From North Carolina to Alaska With Love

Look who just arrived on my doorstep! When I first saw this little guy Tracey Broome made I was smitten and left a comment on her post that I wanted to buy him –unfortunately, Tracey said sorry but “he is already off to his new home.” Little did I know that IT WAS MY HOME she was gifting him to!! I even left another post that said OK, Tracey -I took a poll and the results were that you need to make a whole FLOCK OF THOSE darn cute sheep and sell me the first new one ;o)” I know a few of you are giggling right now at my post because you were in on her generosity plot! I just want to thank Tracey again because I know how hard it was to part with this guy and when I opened the box I was all teary eyed and so touched that I want to carry him in my pocket all day. He’s been moved around throughout the house and studio but for now he’s in a place of honor on our mantel. Tracey also sent me a beautiful white Raku bird ornament as part of the generosity chain –I’ll post more about that later and continue the giving.

As predicted, I was able to snap out of my little lack-o-inspiration-funk and started creating. I finished another art quilt successfully using some transfers and original art.

I made a 21” w x 14” h “Laundry Line” Wall Art Quilt. With the help of my friend Ann C., she taught me how to sew my own mitered edge binding –and make it neat as well as fit! No more hot glue gun, taped or cut and paste fused bindings for me. This week’s mail was also exciting because I ordered Lesley Riley’s TAP sheets (Transfer Artist Paper) and they arrived, so I am excited to come up with some new imagery to try it out. Supposedly used with an ink jet printer “it “transfers with a hot iron to virtually any surface –fabric,

paper, wood, glass, canvas, metal & more.” And I’ve said before how transfer crazy I am. I’m also adding another collection to my Art Quilt Patterns, these will be some of my favorite subjects –dogs & cats. This little guy is called “Here Kitty, Kitty” for now. I'm still in the editing the design and selecting the colors phase. I've always thought Black & white animals are so cool –especially sweep little sheep from North Carolina!


cookingwithgas said...

I am so glad the Cat is now out of the bag- or sheep in your case!
I know you will love this forever- that Tracey is the best with her surprises!
I wish I could have seen the joy on your face!

Tracey Broome said...

Whew! I'm so glad to see his ears are still there! They are so fragile. I'm really happy he is in a good home, it was hard sending him out the door, he looked good on my mantel too! I feel like an adoption agency for pottery sometimes :)
Happy Christmas xoxo

cindy shake said...

You two crack me up!! Hasn't this whole Blog Buddy thing been just the BEST-EST!! I know how hard it was to part with him and that made me more emotional -I was really touched. Yes, he arrived fine as did the ornament. Our postman was sweet and actually put the box on the inside of our front door window sill instead of making me go to the P.O. because the neighborhood pick up boxes were full -an additional personal touch that added to my surprise!

judy coates perez said...

That little sheep is just amazing! What a fantastic gift!

The kitty quilt is looking great.

FYI keep your TAPs paper sealed up in an airtight ziplock bag, evidently when the printed transfers are not kept that way they don't transfer as well as time goes by.

Patricia Griffin said...

You're a lucky girl! LOVE the laundry line quilt.

cindy shake said...

oooo good tip Judy!! thanks.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

Gosh, are you kidding? Free sheep and scenery like up top??? :)

Frieda said...

That sheep is very sheepish. Just love him.