Tuesday, January 4, 2011

O.K., Now Where Was I?

When the temperatures dropped to below zero last month it made it impractical for me to work in the shop on metal. I was glad to switch mediums and work in the warm studio on some new fiber art. Well, now that the temps are in the crazy high and unseasonable 30’s (for Anchorage) I HAVE TO get back to metal work! There were so many projects I just left cut on the cutting table that needed to be welded I forgot where I was, with what. There are even a couple of commissions,

including this Hawk that still needed to get plasma cut and welded. I finally had a cutting day today and it felt good to be hard at it –but I was a bit clumsy and out of sync. When the big storm shut down Newark airport over the Holiday, poor Kristen’s winter break vacation

with her sweetie and his family had to be cancelled but she extended her time with us here in Anchorage. Lucky for me because she has been a wonderful helper doing some pattern testing, sewing and even packaging new patterns for me.


Patricia Griffin said...

You'll be back in the (metal) groove in no time!

Judy Shreve said...

Boy yall are having a heatwave! I say that all the time 'now where was I.' In fact every morning when I walk into my studio - lol.

You change hats so often - I admire your ability to have so many projects going at once. You are an inspiration!