Sunday, February 6, 2011

Moose, Ravens, Dogs and Tae Kwon Do, Oh My!

On the way to meet my friend Pat F. for coffee this morning a young moose was running north along Arctic Blvd. as I had the green light. Fortunately I saw him in time –as did the other cars and he ran safely by my drivers side of the car! He ran down the street and darted off into the woods –whew! I was excited to meet Pat (a long time family friend who used to baby sit my sister and I when we were little) for coffee because she had a surprise for me. A couple of years ago we “traded” artwork, I made her some steel ravens and she was going to make me one of her famous soft sculpture art dolls. Happily for me time has gone by for our trade and since then Pat has taken up felting RAVENS!!

Look what I got –a huge, beautifully felted Raven! While we were having coffee and her latest flock was on the table, several people wanted to buy the felted sculptures. She is working on having enough to sell and will be with me at the upcoming Spenard Farmers Market which will open May 21 this season. It will be fun to have her company and her work with me at my booth.

We spent all day yesterday at the Champ Tae Kwon Do Tournament at the UAA Sports Complex. How exciting it was to see all of the talented kids and instructors from various parts of the world. Gus was on a special Tiger Demo team and did well in his forms and board breaking. The sparring was a bit tough on him but he still came home with two medals and a GIANT 4 foot tall trophy! The experience and opportunity (and the trophy!) did a lot for the boy’s self esteem. The video is of a demonstration by the Anchorage Police K9 Unit to bring awareness to the Dollars for Dogs Program and was very i

mpressive. Champ Tae Kwon Do gave a portion of the Tournament proceeds to Dollars for Dogs. Both men in the video are APD K-9 Officers and the program is funded entirely by donations. The dog’s name is “Erl” and he is a Dutch Shepherd, his handler is

Officer Frank Stanfield. An upcoming fundraising event for Dollars For Dogs will be February 19 from 11:00 – 3:00 at the ConocoPhillips Alaska Atrium, 700 G Street. A very worthy (and necessary) organization to support.

Yes, I'm blogging during the Superbowl XLV...almost sounds un-American doesn't it?! Don't worry, I pre-viewed the best commercials, I've got the chips, guac & slasa set out, the TV is on, I shoveled snow off of the deck and the BBQ is warming up for Daddy-O's favorite marinated Kalbi Ribs from New Sagya City Market. Ahhhh, another day in the frozen North!



Those ravens ARE gorgeous!

You all are making me feel inspired to take up felting...

Linda Starr said...

those dogs are amazing