Saturday, February 19, 2011


It’s only February and there’s still more Winter ahead for us Alaskans, but I’m ready for Summer or at least Spring! Happily, the added daylight is starting to finally make a difference each day and after all, what am I complaining about, poor Kristen has been reporting temps of -30 and -40 below up in Fairbanks! A snowstorm blew into town yesterday complete with weather advisory's leaving snowfall anywhere from a mere 4” to over 10” in Girdwood! Yippee for us skiers –if you’re not a

wiener like me and have been waiting for killer snow AND warmer temps. The thermometer says 12 degrees this morning… brrrr!

There’s an octopus

at Katie’s Gallery now –one of my favorite subjects to make. Maybe it’s because I’ve been dreaming about tropical bodies of water, to warm my old bones –mmm, a girl can only dream. It’s a larger seascape sculpture about 6’ long, plasma cut and welded steel with enamel painted finish. I embellished the sculpture with Czech glass beads strung on reclaimed copper wire. Even though these larger sculptures have not been selling as fast, I still like to have a few at the Gallery for sale. I mainly delivered a half dozen smaller metal sculptures

under $165 to Katie’s last week that seem to be selling very well.

My entry “Lead Dog” for the Quilted Raven’s “Mush-On” Quilt Challenge is finished. The deadline is next Friday and I ended up making a whole other entry because the first Dog I looked rabid! I wasn’t happy with his eyes or the finishing stitching I was doing on the first one –arrrgh. I’ll have stiff competition, my friend Ann C. shared her entry with me yesterday –WOW is it cute!! I'll take pictures of the entries and post next week. After forwarding the entry information to the Alaska SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Assoc.) group and they posted the challenge on their Blog. Hopefully, there will be lots of entries, the more the merrier to brighten up this LOVELY & long, cold winter.


Linda Starr said...

I love how the dog has one brown eye and one blue eye, he is a winner for sure.

sue said...

Hello, I'm Sue and I "found" you via Marg of "cow girl goods".. she thought I might to check out your blog (and I saw the sheep that you made for her) and she was right.... I too have a blog...
stories from sweetgrass farm, if you would ever like to pop in and say hi....guess I shouldn't "complain about Maine winters" if I'm talking to someone from Alaska!!! hope you have a happy day!!!

ang said...

groovy octapussy eye!! and chilly what!! hmmm skiing I haven't been for years....enjoy

cindy shake said...

Thanks guys! Welcome Sue and thank you for reading -I adore Marj ;o)

Ann said...

The octopus is gorgeous, Cindy! The beads are an unexpected delight! can I sabotage your increible husky and eliminate the competition?? :) Great idea to tell SAQA!

Judy Shreve said...

Boy it's cold in Alaska. We have family in Fairbanks & they just love it. YIKES.
The octopus is amazing & I too love the blue/brown eyed dog. What fun all of you have on those long cold days!
Good luck with your entry!

Christine B. said...

There's not an octopus at Katie's gallery anymore. An anniversary present for myself, and kid-proof enough for the living room.

Christine B.