Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Restless Ravens

Much like the Ravens this time of year, I’m restless. It’s the transitioning of the season’s when the Ravens are on their way out of town and the Seagulls move in. When we spot the first Seagull of the year our family says it’s Daddy-O’s favorite day of the year! No Seagulls yet but the Ravens are full of pluck.

Seeing a few Ravens at the store parking lot bravely hopping from one scrap to another inspired me to make some new sculptures for Katie’s Gallery. One huge Raven as large as a Goose, landed atop of the cart return right next to my truck and stared down and darted his head at me back and forth as if to say "go on, get to work!" A set of “Wind Ravens” a circular wall sculpture that I like to make, sold a couple weeks ago and 3 different people have come into Katie’s Gallery wanting it since. It’s been displayed for weeks and then when it sells I could have sold three more just like it! Oh well, I delivered a new one yesterday along with some “plucky” horizontal Raven sculptures that are about 36" to 43" wide. I tried to capture the gesturing the Ravens have been performing lately. One regular local Raven sits on the lamp post across the street from our house and when I open the garage door to work and he calls out to me! Maybe he thinks I have

a pocket full of french fries, or he KNOWS that my pockets are always full of dog treats though I have never fed the Ravens. I’m sad when the Ravens leave town for the summer but happy for the season's new warmth.

Gearing up for all this new work has had me revisiting the dreaded subject of pricing. I try to keep my pricess in line with sculptures of similar size and also consistent from one season

to the next. Pricing is my least favorite thing to do –next to cleaning the house… BUT, I came across this great link from Vicki who came across it directly from the author –Brandi Hussey of Dallas. “An Artist’s Guide to Pricing” is a FREE download (at the moment) “guide to tips on approaching, understanding, and calculating prices for artist who sell.” What a deal huh? Brandi asks is that if you like it, tell other people about it, blog about it and help get the message out. Hope you find it as interesting as I did –artists can use all the help we can get!


Linda Starr said...

Oh I like the layers on the raven wings and the matt surface.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

such gorgeous ravens!

Patricia Griffin said...

You really captured the movement of the ravens. I can almost HEAR them!... Thanks for the link to the pricing guide. I'm going to check it out this morning.

Trish said...

Thanks for the pricing link, Cindy..
I heard geese a few days ago and some crows are back..I do not know where the geese will find water, though, as there is still sooooo much snow.. but spring is soon. :)
Great gift to TB..beautiful work!
Super weekend to you!.

Brandi said...

Thanks for the kind words about my pricing guide!! I'm so glad it helped. :)