Saturday, April 9, 2011

Favorite Things

This may be a bit too Martha-like but as I was baking cookies last night I was thinking of some of my favorite things. This vintage Mixmaster I picked up at the thrift store is definitely one of my favorite things. I bought it for the cabin but wish I could clone it and have the same mixer in town! I love the color, the sturdiness and most of all the deep purr the motor makes as it mixes. Though the list frequently changes, some of my other favorite things this week are:

• The new, Spring smell of the Evergreen and Hemlock trees as they are starting to thaw

• The additional daylight in my studio (and sadly, now on my much more apparent dirty house).

• New art supplies of ANY kind, this week it was a box of brand new, soft Prismacolor pencils, ALREADY sharpened –mmmmm.

• Pinwheel steaks on the deck BBQ last night and we actually could bear to stay OUTSIDE while they cooked and smell the grill!

• A fresh from the oven raspberry and cream cheese pastry from Fire Island Rustic Bakeshop this morning.

• As the volunteer Vendor Coordinator, I’ve had a phone to my ear all week getting to talk with the farmer vendors who are signing up to be at the Spenard Farmers Market. Most have started their plantings by now and are planning their crops. My family knows my not-so-secret dream is to have a farm and a ranch full of animals and gardens that all take care of themselves while I work in my gigantic, multi-medium, indoor/outdoor, supply loaded, sun-filled studio…

Those are just some of my favorite things (this week).

This is a new wall sculpture I delivered to Katie Sevigny Studio Gallery this week. It is about 14" x 29" and part of my "Relic" series. I really enjoy using steel, copper and found objects that are layered, welded and constructed. A heavy patina process has been weathered by the elements then given a clear coat finish. The natural weathering process takes time and is usually out of my control letting the work tell me when it's complete, not the other way around.


Linda Starr said...

What a great find, I love aqua kitehcn items and great wall sculpture too.

Tracey Broome said...

I think you have full blown spring fever! My mom used to have the same mixer, that color was what my original thought was for my studio, it may be that color yet....

Anonymous said...

That is an AWESOME mixer, totally vintage. Beautiful sculpture, don't you just love patina? Happy Spring!

cookingwithgas said...

Oh- what a beauty!
I want my old blender back- the new one I bought I finally gave Mark for the pottery.
But I love that color- lucky find.

Judy Shreve said...

The sculpture is fabulous - the patina -WOW!

And I love your list of favorite things! The blue mixer is just perfect. And I never thought of a smell from evergreens when they thaw - but it was almost like 'smell-a-vision' - I had an instant feeling of that smell - lol
Happy spring!

Patricia Griffin said...

love the close-up on the "relic" piece...
and love the mixer too, though I wouldn't have a clue at how to actually bake anything... I'm not at all "Martha-like" I'm afraid!