Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Transfer Fits and Starts

How is it when faced with a deadline my head becomes filled with additional ideas and projects?! I can shoot off in a completely different creative direction at any given moment when faced with a deadline –and still force myself to make the deadline! My advertising agency days not only taught me the art and discipline of billing in 15 minute increments but creative multi-tasking must have been seared into my brain as well. At this point in my career I admit it wears me out. Or to be honest, when I shoot off in another direction, with all of the effort I exert I expect success with every endeavor. I realize that’s not very realistic or conducive to the art of making art.

Where things took a left was when I became inspired after watching a

YouTube video on “Recycling a Beverage Can to a Digital Print.” (I know, being on the computer can be such a time-waste-vortex!) My mind raced with ideas of imagesI wanted to transfer onto the steel bases with welded “branches” as borders. I was going to cold rivet the aluminum panels onto the steel bases –even using funky, cool copper rivets with little brass and aluminum washers as added details. On his visit to the hardware store, Daddy-O was even kind enough to buy me a big role of aluminum flashing to feed into my as yet un-purchased printer! I’ve mentioned before I am constantly intrigued with learning how to use various transfer methods on EVERY type of sub-straight material. My original idea was to use the Lesley Riley TAP Sheets I purchased a few months ago, and had been saving, onto the steel but it didn’t work so hot. I ate up 3 of the package’s 5 sheets trying for a smooth and even image. I’m not sure if the paper is too old or what, but I was really disappointed. I even visited the office supply store yesterday to buy a "straight pass through" ink jet printer as

shown in the video (this would be my 4th new and different type of printer) that could be fed the thicker media like the aluminum but I can’t find one in town with the straight pass through feed feature that’s under $1,000. I’m back to probably using a Gel Medium Transfer with color laser prints (thankfully, I already have a really nice HP color laser printer). I’ll need to go to the art supply store today and buy more Gel Transfer Medium -but at least I know the transfers work on steel because I’ve used this process before. I just really wanted to try this ink jet application on aluminum –darn-it!

My First Friday Show opens at Katie Sevigny’s Gallery, Friday, June 3rd. THIS FRIDAY –how can it be June already, where did May go?! For the last few weeks I have been working on several pieces that I’m really pleased with, including wall sculptures that I’m finally using my clay “Pods” in. I will also have a couple of masks using hand built clay combined with plasma cut and welded steel and copper.


Tracey Broome said...

I really love the combination of the steel and clay. Wish I had the energy to learn yet another medium, it would most definitely be metal! The image transfer is really a great look too!

Linda Starr said...

Seeing your metal and clay pieces was making me think you're getting back into working with it again. Right before we left California I bought an ink jet for decals but have never tried it, one of these days. I'll have to check that video. I can always draw better in my journal than on clay so I thought it would be a good method of transfer. like Tracey I'm loving the metal too after two trips to the junkyard near here, I swear there is a million years worth of material there. Have a great show.

cookingwithgas said...

Yes, I know what you mean. I find it easy to do "something" else when I should be doing......
I love those two pieces! LOVE!

Patricia Griffin said...

I see we have another connection: ad agency days! Perhaps that explains the schizophrenic nature of my art process.... Hey, I love how you've incorporated the clay pods into your metal. Very, very, very nice!... Hope the show goes well this Friday!