Friday, June 17, 2011

Family Affair

"Three Dudes Selling Fresh Stuff From the Sea!"
L to R, Mike Nakada of Northern Lights Oyster Co., Derek and Gordon Scott of the FV/ Early Times with Alaska Spot Shrimp enjoying a day at the Market.

The Spenard Farmer’s Market is a real family affair this summer. As the Market’s volunteer Vendor Coordinator I usually hear the vendor news and issues first hand. And so it was when Mike Nakada the owner of the Northern Lights Oyster Company found himself without anyone to sell his Oysters after an employee unexpectedly quit on him just as the Market season was starting. The Northern Lights Oyster Company, a certified shellfish aquaculture farm, features FRESH Kachemak Bay Oysters and is one of our most popular booths at the Market, usually selling out by noon each Saturday. Since Mike is busy tending the Oyster Farm in K-Bay near Homer, Alaska (a mere 6 hour drive away from Anchorage) it was nearly impossible for him to find another Market seller on such short notice and I just couldn’t let the Market be without Oysters! What is a good Vendor Coordinator to do but volunteer Daddy-O for the task!

Derek is regularly at the Market with me each Saturday helping Willie to set up and take down my Garden Art booth and visit with friends. With Willie helping run my booth while I tend to my Market duties, Derek now helps Mike by running the Kachemak Bay Oyster booth! The Oysters are shipped freshly harvested from the cool waters and quick-shipped right to us for the Market opening. Derek pops the back open on our truck and has a day of happy customers and visiting with our long-time friend Gordon Scott who sells Prince William Sound Alaska Spot Shrimp right next to him. After we are all set up, you can see Gus running back and forth under the guise of offering to help but it’s usually to see who will buy him a hot dog or a Hawaiian shave ice…

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cookingwithgas said...

Food! I would love to be there for the food and who can blame a growing boy if someone wants to buy him a hot dog!