Thursday, July 21, 2011

Shrunken Heads

Before my little break to Sequim, WA to visit my parents and to attend the Lavender Festival, I think my head was feeling like Kristen’s shrunken Styrofoam tests! Usually she and the crew would bring a decorated beautician Styrofoam head for the test but Kristen forgot hers at home this time. She was able to use a couple of cups and a Styrofoam block and e-mailed us these pictures and wrote; “today we did a cast to ~2000 m in the Beaufort Sea, and got to "shrink" styrofoam cups. Here's the pix of my two items- a styrofoam cup and a square styro test tube rack.” She is on the USCGC Healy with the NASA ICESCAPE 2011.

With my brain back to near normal size, I came back and have been ready to work. The welder gets plugged back in today and my new sewing machine will have to wait a few more days until I get some pieces welded up for Saturday's Spenard Farmer's Market. My latest pattern “Husky & Friends” is ready for distribution and I already have orders to fill. I followed up on inquiries, answered requests, filled orders, sent out a few e-mail cold calls for my patterns and was pleasantly surprised at the positive responses. Amazing what happens when you make the time to take care of business! I’m actually a bit embarrassed that I let a few administrative sales things slip this summer. What inspired me to jump back on that business pony was visiting several Quilt Shops in WA and talking with reps at the Sequim Quilt Show. After seeing what’s out

there and the wonderful selection of fabrics and patterns I felt I had something to offer them and my confidence was up a bit more. For my needle felting this winter, I also purchased a huge bag of wool in a variety of colors form Olga’s Yurt of Fiber. Island Quilter from Vashon, WA had the most amazing selection of vibrant cotton fabrics. The polka dot fat quarters were irresistible and even the packaging was cool. So, just like the Styrofoam, I stuffed it all in our carry-on luggage for the trip home to my studio!

My latest Art Quilt Pattern "Husky & Friends!" The finished size is 10" x 26". My plan was to have it ready for sale with this year's Iditarod (back in March!) oh well, it's ready now, just in time for the 2012 race!


Judy Shreve said...

I think it's so cool you work in such opposite mediums - cold hard metal and colorful soft fabric. And your work in each is just fabulous!

cindy shake said...

Aww, thank you Judy! that means a lot to me :o)

Vivian said...

Cindy, I am so enjoying your creativity and talent. I'm hoping that Husky & Friends comes to our quilt shop here in Whitehorse (home of the Yukon Quest!!!!) soon. I just returned from my first visit to Anchorage and I had so much fun in the Quilted Raven! What a shop...and I picked up your Kitty Kitty Chickadee. The cat looks like our Crammer and chickadees are a special favourite of mine (I once managed to get a photo of a chickadee feeding from my hand).
So...whatcha going to do with the polka dots???
(oh nearly forgot to mention, I came away with several yards of this really cool raven is just beautiful...wonder who thought that up???? hmmm)