Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Breath of Fresh Air

The big news is we decided to list and sell our house in town and are buying another house in a downtown neighborhood we’ve been wanting to live in for a few years. We are a bit overwhelmed with the to-do list and all that’s necessary to get the house ready and sold quickly. I started with cleaning out the studio and the garage is already FILLED with “treasures” that I decided to sell at a garage sale on Sunday. I have extra art supplies, materials from various mediums I’ve tried once, artists seconds and other cr@p that’s making me think I may be a closet art supply hoarder! What inspired me to have the garage sale is looking at some of the price tags on these things that were hardly used AND some of the artists seconds shouldn't just be tossed -I'm hoping to give them good homes on Sunday. I also have easily filled several bags that are going to the thrift store. I must be a really GREAT organizer because stuff is coming out of nowhere! 

The Science field trip yesterday with Gus’ class was to Potter’s Marsh, Portage Glacier and hiking the Byron Glacier Trail. They needed chaperones and I needed a day off that was filled with fresh air and the fall colors. We had picnic lunches and even stopped at an overlook and watched the salmon that were spawning in a creek. Normally, Portage Valley is socked in with thick cloud layers and it rains sideways but yesterday's mild weather allowed us to see the glaciers and the 8th grade class stayed dry the whole hike! We stepped off of one bus and Gus stepped onto another and as I followed in my car, we were off to his X-Country running meet in North Birchwood. We had a FULL day of fresh air and exercise and mom was ready for a Kodiak Brown Ale and a couple of Advil when I got home! 


Linda Starr said...

Good luck selling your home, I wish I lived closer I'd be at your garage sale in a second, what a treasure trove you must have.

ang walford said...

hey cindy happy sorting and cleaning and garage sale-ing and all that have been up to so much it's so great to have a quick catchup tonight... :))

Anonymous said...

Kokiak Brown Ale, yum.

Tracey Broome said...

Gerry and I have been talking about selling our place in the spring and moving out to the country somewhere. We moved four times in five years before landing here, so I'm not that excited about the packing and selling part! Oh boy, I miss those field trips. I went on my very last one last year :(
enjoy them!!!

cindy shake said...

Thanks girls!!

Linda if you were closer I'd be pulling up to your house in my truck with a LOAD of goodies for you!

Yes, Tracey I am counting the days left to be able to go on the field trips with the youngest! He wasn't up for me to sit by him on the bus but he was happy that I went :) OH THE PACKING, and the weather is turning COLDER -I haven't even thought about that yet...maybe I can win the lottery and hire hunky, handsome MOVERS to come -ha!!

Orion Designs said...

The thought of packing for a move gives me nightmares -- and I have a tiny house! Good luck! Whereabouts in downtown are you moving??