Tuesday, November 22, 2011

As If Moving Wasn't Enough

Spoiler alert –if you don’t like to read Blogs that have TMI (especially girly TMI), just look at the pictures today. I should also share that I feel by reading other people’s Blogs I usually learn something or by reading about similar life situations of other people I find comfort in knowing we're not so alone in this crazy world –which prompted me to share the events of the last couple weeks completely unrelated to the big move.
This is Speedy-Carve rubber blocks that
I carved into with the tools. I then used
metallic acrylic paints to "stamp"
onto the fabric.
First off, before I launch into my mammogram story everything is fine. In October I went to get my annual mammogram (which I hadn’t managed to make time for in the last three years…) and got a call back that they wanted to “take a closer look(!!)” at something in my right breast. Well, as you can imagine this threw me into a total panic –especially since we were right in the middle of the house sale/purchase. I don’t do cancer threats very well and was at times paralyzed by fear and finding that I had to “talk myself down” on several occasions. I went back to the imaging center for my “closer look” scan, then got ANOTHER CALL that they now wanted to do a biopsy, B-I-O-P-S-Y…holy crap. What a horrible word, B-I-O-P-S-Y, not crap. I wasn’t able to schedule the biopsy until last last week because after the procedure you aren’t supposed to move your arm, lift anything heavier that a gallon of milk etc. Yeah right! Like I would be able to sit still while my house was FULL of boxes needing to get unpacked. Soooo, I finally was able to have the B-I-O-P-S-Y early last week and at the end of last week and got word that all was fine –just some “calcifications” which are perfectly normal for a woman “of my age.” I don’t mind saying that it hurt like hell and is still really tender. I did get some good “medicine” to help me through the procedure and my sister was with me, both of which helped a lot. I also don’t mind saying that I wasn’t real quick to answer the phone the last couple of weeks either. I did make this cool mini art quilt though. I used ink jet printer transfers, stamping, hand beading and free motion sewing. It doesn’t have any booby art (sorry guys) but I did use imagery that expressed how I’ve been feeling.

The finished quilted fiber art piece is about 9" wide x 16" tall.
I used colored pencils to hand color and embellish the heart, body, moon and butterflies because the transfers had enough "tooth" to take the coloring. 


Linda Starr said...

So glad you're ok, must have been quite a scare for you, I know how debilitating health questions can be, having a few of my own, not knowing is the worst. Just like you to turn worry into art, good for you.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

oh crap "of our age" I know, the slings and arrows of getting older!

Patricia Griffin said...

I'm so glad you're OK. I feel that you're a friend and I want you to be well! Your continuing good health is on my gratitude list today!... The new art quilt is amazing. Your creativity is inspiring... Wishing you and the whole family a wonderful Thanksgiving.

cindy shake said...

Thank you friends for leaving such kind words! THIS is exactly what I LOVE about Blogging -you ARE my friends as well Patricia! YES, our family has much to be thankful for :)

Judy Coates Perez said...

Why is it that you can't just go through one big event at a time, it all seems to pile on at once. I'm glad everything turned out ok. I love this little quilt! Have a wonderful thanksgiving! Big hugs!