Thursday, November 17, 2011

Now where was I...

This whole moving thing really threw a monkey wrench into my daily life and definitely into my art making. It’s taken much longer than I expected to get settled and up and running art-wise. We’re still not settled. Then throw in some major NECESSARY house repairs -including a leaking roof, plumbing issues and a few other items that were not even on our immediate “to-do” list… Add to those old house issues a record snow, unseasonable high winds, freezing temps and winter that blew in with a vengeance from day one AND STAYED. Despite my best attempts I’ve been finding it hard to dive right into my new studio space and start happily creating. It’s taking me more time than I’d like to admit to get things “just so.” I’m learning a lot more about the way I work and what I “need” to be creative and how sacred my space is to me. I need clutter put away, material and supplies to be organized, laundry, house keeping etc. -if not completely done at least underway. Yeah, right like that's going to happen on a regular basis with a studio in the home!  The good news is, my new studio is full of sunshine (when it’s not snowing) and by diving right into a few fiber projects I’m getting the space a bit more to my liking and while searching for fabric I unloaded another 4 storage tubs! Oh, and speaking of moving, I'm not going to move my Blog to my web site, it's just not as fun. I miss the comments, I miss the process and it's not any easier. Thanks for hangin' with me while I chase my tail!

Miss Olive needed to get a new fleece doggie jacket and booties with all the new snow and cold temps! 

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