Saturday, March 17, 2012

Flu Be Gone

The only thing worse than having the flu is needing to take care of your kid throughout the night who has the flu while you also have the flu. The chills hit me on Tuesday, followed by muscle aches, light sensitivity, loss of appetite, fever dreams and just being flat out on the sofa with my Great-Grandma’s wedding ring quilt and a cup of crushed ice. What a horrible way to spend Spring Break! It seems like we are awake for about 20 minutes then back out for an hour, awake, then back asleep, both Gus and I watching way too much TV while we are trying to readjust our sleep cycles. Derek has made several trips to the store for Sprite, popcicles, soup while trying really hard to not catch what we have. Thankfully today, both Gus and I can actually sit up and could eat popcicles for breakfast and are finally a little better and not worse.

Fortunately, before I got the flu I was able to finish my two Red Poppy quilts. I want to donate one of the quilts to the 2012 Charity Ball to be held at the Hotel Captain Cook on May 12 for the special Art Section. I used the TAP transfer paper to iron on poppy images to 100% cotton then embellished each flower with the dryer sheets I mentioned in my last post. I drew the leaves and stems onto different colors of green fabric using an applique method and free motioned stitched additional line details. For further embellishments I added small black glass beads to the flower centers.  

This Red Poppy Art Quilt is 15" wide x 28" tall.

This Red Poppy Art Quilt is about
10" wide x 20" tall.


Linda Starr said...

Oh that is so beautiful I love how the poppies jut out from the piece, so clever. Hope you get over the flu soon, have you tried the Wellness Formula? it's minerals and vitamins all in one caplet and helps get over stuff more quickly, found at the health food stores.

Julia said...

Beautiful poppy art quilts! You never cease to amaze and inspire me.

I hope you get over the flu quickly! It is mserabke to be so sick.