Saturday, April 21, 2012

Now I'll Be Even More of a Hit at Parties!

"Twisted!" A Balloon Workshop led by artisans Patty Mitchell and Robert Lockheed.  My table mate (in the photo at the right) was one of the recipients of the 2012 Outstanding Direct Service Professional of the Year Award!

I’ve decided a great way to end a busy workweek is to attend a balloon tying workshop! This week I was fortunate enough to attend the 11th Annual Full Lives Conference “Curiosity, Creativity, and Collaboration: The heART of Full Lives” conference. Day two featured speakers were Patty Mitchell and Robert Lockheed of Norwich Consulting Services, also known for spearheading the famous Passion Works Studio! All VERY inspiring and I learned a skill that will ROCK at parties.

About a year ago, I blogged about one of my least favorite critters -the Ferret. I'm a huge animal lover but not so much for Ferrets, not that I've had some sort of traumatic weasel incident, I just find them musky-stinky and bite-sneaky. This week I made an art quilt for my friend because we continue to giggle about a PBS show we both saw on Ferrets and can’t get the jingle out of our heads. Apologies to those readers who find the stinky, slinky Mustela putorius furo their equal or that Ferrets are worthy of being a domesticated pet.  I should add that there was a GOLD MINE of images available featuring COSTUMED Ferrets -JUST SAYING.

"Ferret O Ferret" Art Quilt, with a verse of the jingle spiraling among digitally transferred images of those slithering little critters.

Is there a DOCTOR in the house??!! 
This week we also learned that Kristen was formally accepted into the Clark Geography Department's PhD program with a full fellowship. She will be moving from Fairbanks, Alaska to Worcester, Massachusetts at the end of summer –which won’t be easy on Mama Llama (sigh)… We are all so PROUD of her and now there will be no more excuses for us all NOT to visit the East Coast (cheer!). 

Update on the Big Thaw... My Provider Snap Bush Beans and Pole Beans must have been from magical beans because they are taking off!! This is only day four and with so much snow still to melt it will be a while before my garden beds are ready for planting –but I do have a new hobby to keep me busy until planting…the house has been filled with balloon hats and animals as I hone my BALLOON TYING SKILLZ!


Barbara Rogers said...

Beans look like they're emerging from mama earth with such gusto. Congrats on the PhD program in the family.

Patricia Griffin said...

Can it possibly get any better??? Garden springing to life, PHD program for Kristen, new ferret quilt, and now balloon tying! You are officially invited to ALL the parties in California!

Tracey Broome said...

much congrats to the girl child, brilliant! Those beans know they live in Alaska and only have about three weeks to grow before it's winter again haha!
Your blog post just has a little something for every taste huh?! :)