Saturday, June 23, 2012


Gus provided ground support and clean-up while Daddy-O and  worked to do a total tear-off and put a new roof on our garage/shop. Thank you Mother Nature for the PERFECT Summer Solstice roofing weather!

As predictable as Summer Solstice and the garden starts finally popping up in my front gardens, I’ve not been making enough time for making art. What?! How can an artist not make enough time for art making?! With our summer routine in high gear, my focus is on so many other things that if inspiration hits I’ve been channeling the inspiration into my garden, my family, the house remodeling and even a creative late-night dinner. The problem hasn’t been not making art, so much as it’s been not making art time for ME. I shared my thoughts with Daddy-O last night. I said I feel like one of those vintage hand mixers, the blades being churned and making a fast, clashing, clanking noise while whipping up stuff but not very elegantly or as efficiently as a lovely new Cuisinart would. Life can be such a juggle. I’m not depressed or feeling sorry for myself, I’ve just been wondering a lot lately how other people juggle life. Trying to work and get ahead vs. taking time for a vacation and time off to enjoy life. Fulfilling your personal passions vs. trying to take care of and tend to your family, kids, pets and their needs. Keeping up with healthy eating and exercise habits when it’s 8:00p.m. and no one has any ideas for dinner. Taking the time to be kind and considerate and not frustrated with mean or ignorant people. One thing I know for sure –when I’m feeling like that vintage hand mixer I’ve not been devoting enough time to my spirituality or art making. I also know that by placing those two things at the top of my to-do list, everything else usually falls into place.  After helping Daddy-O put a new roof on our charming new little shop/garage he told me that tomorrow is an art making day for me and he will finish up with the flashing and shingles all by himself! Thanks dear husband for not only helping me to reprioritize without judgment but also for finishing up the roof tomorrow solo, because I know your back hurts way worse than mine did tonight! You're a good sport and an even a better listener. 

The old/new garage-shop now has new windows, doors, facia boards, soffit vents,  and after this weekend a NEW insulated ROOF!  Next up is new insulation, ventilation sheetrock, power, heat and a whole new paint job along with the main house!


cookingwithgas said...

time to get grounded with some hot art- soon Cindy- it will be time for you.
Meanwhile I want to move my sewing machine outside.

cindy shake said...

Sewing Plein Air Meredith is FAB -wish I would have thought of it sooner!! :) You go girl! xo

Tracey Broome said...

I soooo hear what you are saying and I'm going through a similar spell. After busting it since last August, I finally took this past week to get some house stuff done. It's amazing how neglected my house has been. There are never enough hours in the day for me, how did we all get so busy? However I like that pace better than sitting around with nothing to do!
You look good up on that roof!

Noreen Saint said...

Aww. I get you. Artists were not called artists for nothing. I hope you get to have your quality time. :) Oh, by the way, you’re installing ventilation for your roof? That’s nice. One main advantage of having your roof ventilated is it lasts longer. When a roof has good ventilation, it prevents hot air from getting trapped inside, as well as reducing moisture during winter time; and as the result, shingles do not easily deteriorate.

Noreen Saint

cindy shake said...

thanks Noreen :)
yes, lots of new ventilation, new vapor barrier, water shield etc. my honey is doing it right! Tough conditions up here and with all the expense of money and time we want it to LAST :)