Sunday, July 15, 2012


I've been a total SLACKER with my art making! BUT, I think you know why... The new roof in town is done (Yay team Daddy-O!) and the new cabin roof is finally underway. The garden is trying to grow despite being one of the coldest July's on record with the average temperature for the first part of this month only being 52.7 degrees. This is SUPPOSED to be the warmest month of the year and with a string of gray skies, rain and crazy bursts of wind, our patience is wearing a bit thin for the big remodel projects we have planned (exterior painting is up next...). Thought I'd share some fun pictures as we approach the midway point of our summer. And YES, more art making is planned as soon as I quit goofing off!
Taking a little break from picking up metal shards and roofing nails in the driveway, Olive and I walked up to see the new ski lift that's going in. The new Chair 4 at Alyeska is staged and getting ready for the big install!

 We had to call in the professional big guns for the new roof on the house in Alyeska... This is one of TWO, GIGANTIC (I'm taking this picture standing on the ground) Rain Proof Roofing trucks that is FILLED with the old metal roof and rotten insulation/debris from the cabin!! Finally with a weather break they were in and out -and next is the new membrane, insulation, facia boards, sub-strait and metal roof... (after we make another trip to the BANK).
Daddy-O and company did the tear off of the vintage roof on our downtown house. Circa 1940-50's style tar paper, tape, nails, staples, shingles, tar and other creative roofing methods made for a very loooong and dirty week of work. THEN my man hefted up a PALLET-LOAD of shingles, rolls of tar paper and waterproofing membrane to the roof for the final install -all up a ladder! The LEAST I could do was treat him to a civilized picnic lunch in the front yard!

Nothing like whacking a ball to relieve some tension!
Team DAFCU hosted new friends Phil, myself, Eileen and Greg at the 15th Annual "Denali Rally" Denali Alaska Federal Credit Union Golf Tournament at Moose Run. This was my first time EVER golfing! Eileen and DAFCU treated myself and other "never-evers" to a few lessons with golf pro Blake at O'Malley's prior to Friday's event. Good thing too, our team shot a 76 (best ball format and thanks to the skills of Phil and Greg!). We did use 2 of my drives and a couple of my putts -but it was really the others that carried our team. Thanks for your patience guys.

Cousins on the course LOVING the time off in the fresh air!

 Olive Dog in the rain by the garden. Olive was telling me "Did you see that squirrel run right behind you?!"

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Allyson Sunde said...

You're right; removing the old roofing materials can be long and dirty work. But at least you have two trucks to help you with the job! Once the new roof is installed, with all the new, more durable materials, I’m sure the sight will be enough to wash away all your weariness and tiredness.

Allyson Sunde