Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sparks Among Friends

What a better way to plug in the plasma cutter and welder again than doing so among friends. Last winter a friend of ours wanted to buy her three sisters unique Christmas gifts and something that they could all do together.  She asked if I’d be willing to host a metal arts day where everyone could experience some plasma cutting, welding while creating pieces in the metal arts. SURE, I said! THEN we MOVED and my whole workshop and studio was packed up. Everyone gracefully waited while Daddy-O got me up and running so we could have our “Flame Chick” weekend! What fun. I asked each person to think of a design they'd like to make and bring a drawing or an idea on an 11x17 piece of paper. I also emailed several different ideas so we’d hit the ground running. After an overview of all the tools and some hands on practice each person was thrilled to MAKE and TAKE home at least two sculptures each! They were quick studies and what fun it was to still fit in my Carhartt’s and weld again! 

Wasn’t I just complaining about not going fishing? Look what the boy bought –A BOAT!
 And guess what the family went and did? GO FISHING, of course! Catching was a bit slow but the fishing was a hoot. The boy did a great job of learning to drive the boat while learning to read the river with Daddy-O’s help.  We’ll head out again when the next run of Silver Salmon are running and hopefully I’ll show some catching pictures!

Even Olive Dog sported her PFD. She loved the river and the boat, but she loved the raw salmon and bait that she got into even more... We DIDN'T LOVE what came out of her for the week -and had to take a trip to the VET for a Rx to clear up her "little bowel problem from her sushi overload." Gross.


Linda Starr said...

I know it's not easy moving even a short distance, glad you got some welding in with friends, wishing you good fishing days ahead, just being in the boat on the water must be nice though, rocked by the current.

cookingwithgas said...

Mark and I went fishing yesterday and i thought about you. I am better with worms and a cane pole than a reel, but I did cast a few.
No fish for me, but the floating was great.
Love the weekend of fun- i want to try!