Monday, August 6, 2012

What Was I Whining About?

After a day of volunteering at the Spenard Farmer's Market that included a wonderful Volunteer Appreciation picnic, my boy and I decided, "no more whining about NOT going fishing this year," we're going FISHING! 
We both had the day off and took a road trip to Seward for a day in Resurrection Bay. 
Catching was a bit slow but like they say "there's no such thing as a bad day of fishing!"
Within 10 minutes of being in Driftwood Cove, a Humpback Whale breached near the boat and was so close we could hear and felt the blowhole spray as it gracefully slipped back underwater with a gentle slap of it's enormous tail! I was so excited to get my line in the water AND GET FISHING I had my camera zipped inside my coat and missed capturing the whale on camera!

Time for FISHING! fishy, fishy!

The boat Willie boy and I went out on.

A Holland America cruise ship was also in port in Seward, Alaska.

These sweet fellas were happily watching the fisherman come and go near their boat slip.

Will lands a nice Silver Salmon in Driftwood Cove.

I'll take my little Pink Salmon!



Tracey Broome said...

YOU know how to have a good time!!
I went to the Utilitarian Clay Conference a few years ago and there was a woman from Alaska there. She brought with her a bunch of frozen salmon that her husband caught and had the cooks prepare them for all of us the last night we were there, amazing! No idea how she managed to fly with them, but they were about the size of yours :)

cindy shake said...

Can you smell the SALMON on our Grill?!! Added some fresh picked dill from the garden, butter, market onions, and fresh lemon with garlic -mmmmm! Saw tons of people at the airport last week flying out with their prized FISH BOXES loaded with their catch!

Patricia Griffin Ceramics said...

You Alaskans! Wow, it's such a treat to see your life Cindy. Full of nature, art and family like mine -- but celebrated in such a different environment. Great photos. Thanks for sharing!