Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Denizen of the Deep Blue Sea

This is one piece I was getting ready to pack up to ship to Fireweed Gallery in Homer and thought I’d get a quick shot of it first. It is a plasma cut and welded steel wall sculpture of one of my favorite subjects, sea life. At 42” wide x 15” tall it is a little smaller than I normally work, but this time of year the customer base will be more locals than visitors and the pricing needs to be sensitive to the season. I will send the Gallery some other fun, smaller works, maybe even some of the new clay work in time for Valentines Day shoppers. Art always makes the best gift to those you LOVE!


Linda Starr said...

I love the patina and the flow of the octopus.

cindy shake said...

Thank you! The patina is a commercial patina I use in the winter because of the lack of rain. Rain makes the most beautiful orangeish finish that I cannot replicate. I like to try and have the steel bend as it would look if it was flowing with the ocean's current. Most of the time the steel does as it pleases :o)