Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Art of the Journal

Do you keep a journal? I do. I love to put ideas, collage, drawings, clippings, writings, dreams and more into mine. I have several styles I use. Originally, in high school I started out using the traditional blank black books that most of the art room groupies used to look hip, then I shifted to various Moleskin styles, including small purse/backpack sized ones that are with me always. I love their feel. If you are into the art of a journal...Look What's Available on DVD!
From 1000 Journals are traveling from hand to hand throughout the world. One came back. Where are the other 999?
1000 Journals is a film about people whose lives are touched by 1000 traveling journals. These blank journals were released into the world in the summer of 2000, by Someguy, a San Francisco based artist. Some people found a journal, or got it from a friend or stranger. Some signed up on the web and received it in the mail. Some wrote in them, others doodled, pasted in photographs, or added artworks. Some kept them. Some passed them on. There are no rules, and no one really monitors these journals and their movements. And yet, they are connecting tens of thousands of people worldwide, provoking and inspiring them.

In September 2003, one of the 1000, number 526, returned to Someguy, filled. What happened to the other 999? This film tells their stories. 1000 Journals shares the experience of their worldwide journeys, and chronicles the self-governed collaboration of thousands of random people who have added to this global "message in a bottle."

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