Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Going with the flow, or freeze, or family...

Crazy weather swings this week from the 21 below to 35 above and rain today have crushed my production schedule. Normally this rain is perfect for adding Nature’s patina to my steel work, but I had no pieces to put out since all week it's all I can do to keep the studio and shop safe and warm. Freezing rain and slick roads closed all of the universities and schools today. This doesn’t happen very often but my son and husband, who is a teacher, both did the happy dance this morning at 5:45 am when we got the call that school had been canceled. Roads were closed and the power was out in various parts of the city.

So much for my day that was scheduled for full-on production that was to be done alone. Oh well. Thank goodness I had picked up my order of steel and my pallet of clay and new shelves for the kiln were delivered both yesterday. As I get older I'm learning not only the value of patience, but the benefit of "going with the flow."

As the rain, wind, and even hail pelted the studio windows, I felt fortunate to be able to be to have an at-home studio that kept me off of the crazy slick roads, and spend the unseasonable blustery day with my family. I managed to finish up the detail work on a couple of sculptures, finished the Sea Otter for the KAKM Art Auction and finished some beading. I wrapped up early and cut the day short to do what we enjoy doing most on a rainy day

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