Saturday, January 17, 2009

Spending time with "My Divine"

I spent time in front of “My Divine Shrine-a-rella” this week. It’s a wall shrine that I made when I am in need of finding comfort and calm through friends and loved ones.

Things were discombobulated this week. Schools were closed for three straight days, wild swings in the weather brought temperatures from at least 21 below to 46 degrees above, which caused a bit of cabin fever to set in. Routines were goofed up, the norm, planned and expected were out the window, including my production schedule. Just a couple of blocks away from our house in town, Chester Creek flooded several houses –in the month of January(!) It was tragic watching the images on the 6:00 news, feeling sad yet grateful that we are on a bit of higher ground. Alyeska was closed due to 120+ mph winds at the top of the mountain. Other crazy incidents flashed across CNN including a jumbo jet landing in the Hudson, distressing news about artist friends needing to find second jobs to make ends meet, lack of studio space and other news of economic difficulties. All of this craziness had me reflecting on one of my pet organizations, CERF, Craft Emergency Relief Fund, and wanted to spread the word about all of the good work they do for Craft Artists. Check out their link. All of the at-home time caused me also do a bit of nesting by checking the batteries in smoke detectors, replace a Carbon Monoxide (co2) detector that wasn’t functioning properly and better cleaned the area around the dryer and kilns.

Some artists are able to create or are inspired when there is chaos. Not me. I’m learning that I create some of my best work when all is calm, my chores are done, my family is fed, safe and happy. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE storms. But, I love storms when I have a pot of soup or chili (Check out Linda's recipe) going on the stove or cookies baking in the oven. I love the weather lashing the windows while I’m warmly inside creating, reading or when I'm properly geared up and out in the weather going for hikes with my dog. I’m inspired by the weather, inspired by the kind of light just after a storm, collecting Nature's fallen found objects like interesting shaped branches, leaves, lichen or abandon nests that the wind knocked unexpectedly from treetops. I’m hoping some great work comes my way next week, when all returns to a renewed normal.

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